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Legacy Building Solutions

Address 11454 Winterburn Road, Edmonton, AB, T5S 2Y3, CA
Phone 780-341-4140
Fax 780-993-1300
Email [email protected]
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Legacy Building Solutions is leading the future of the tension fabric building industry with a new rigid frame engineering design. By applying our high quality fabric to a structural steel frame, we create dynamic fabric buildings tailored to your exact specifications. Our experience speaks for itself: 100+ combined years in the business; 3,000 buildings constructed or sold; and more than 25 million square feet of fabric buildings installed. We deliver custom solutions while always striving to exceed your expectations.

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Best Supporting Role: Legacy Building Solutions’ rigid steel frame enables roof-mounted solar panels

Legacy Building Solutions has announced the Solar Ship Brantford off-grid hangar, a joint venture with Canadian Energy and Solar Ship Inc., has been awarded the “Game Changer Project of the Year” by Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA). With the award for Solar PV Project, CanSIA recognizes the hangar for using a reliable and cost-effective system that advances the future of building-integrated distributed generation.

Building for growth

The Lee County Solid Waste Division set out on a clear mission in 2007 when it developed the concept for the Lee County Composting Facility (LCCF) in Felda, Florida, a facility that was initially completed in February 2009. By recycling approximately 30,000 wet-tons of biosolids and yard waste annually from seven different feedstock plants representing four municipalities, the site would not only divert these materials from landfills, but also help eliminate odours and any possible contamination resulting from various land application operations in the area.

Tapping Into the Power of Post-Consumer Food Waste

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, Essential Consulting Oregon, LLC (EC Oregon) has built up an impressive résumé when it comes to the planning and implementation of biogas projects. In that time period, the company has provided dozens of feasibility studies, performed GIS mapping in several U.S. states, and provided services for the development of four full-scale biogas plants.

Legacy Building Solutions achieves Canadian certification for steel building systems

Legacy Building Solutions, a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of tension fabric buildings, has achieved recognition through the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) A660 certification program for steel building systems. Legacy says they introduced the concept of incorporating structural steel framing into tension fabric structures, replacing the hollow-tube, open web truss frames that traditionally have been used in the industry.  

Fabric buildings use rigid frame, structural steel beams

According to Legacy, their new Legendary series is the industry’s first line of tension fabric buildings to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses. This engineering concept provides a high level of flexibility and durability for applications such as recycling and waste, commodity storage, and other commercial and industrial applications.

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