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Torsan U.S.

Address 590 Elk Street, Buffalo, NY, 14220, US

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New Jest Waste Recycler Built With Two-Deck, Heavy-Duty Feeder-Screen

The new Jest Waste Recycler is built with a two-deck, heavy-duty feederscreen to separate oversize material and dry fines, and is specially designed for the North American market. Using the new two-deck HD feeder screen, these machines allow for the use of a picking station after oversize material separation. Units separate infeed material up to 15 inches, ranging from C&D waste to MSW, using either 7.5-cubic-foot or 12-cubic-foot feeder-screens.

C&D recycler sorts by densities

Introduced to North America at Waste Expo in 2011, the Jest Waste Recycler is designed for the separation of C&D and other waste materials by densities.