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Moley Magnetics Inc.

Address 4922 I D A Park Dr., Lockport, NY, 14094, US
Phone 1 (844) M-MAGNET (662-4638)
Phone (716) 434-4023
Fax (716) 434-5893
Email [email protected]
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Company Description

Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Moley Magnetics is committed to exceeding customer needs. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We have several offices outside of Buffalo, NY including Auburn, IN Tampa, FL Ontario, Canada as well as Mexico.

Moley Magnetics, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier who offers a complete inventory of magnets, shears, grapples, track pads, as well as specialty services such as rebuilding, fabrication and maintenance. We provide our full-line of inventory to the scrap, demolition, railroad, recycling, and distribution industry, among others.

You can find additional information on our website, From new products to repairs, Moley is here for our customers. Let us, help you. 1 (844) M-MAGNET (662-4638)

Aligator Shear
Battery Magnet
ESB ESA Magnet
Moley HSS Shear

Moley HSS 300R Excavator Scrap Shears

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Compact Stokkermill SM Series Granulators

The Stokkermill line of SM Granulators, distributed exclusively in the US & Canada by Moley Magnetics, Inc., are designed as robust, compact, dependable machines for recyclers, who want to turn coated wire into Bare Bright. With the SM1100 Series Standard, or Plus model, with compact dimensions of 42” X 67” X 79”, a recycler can granulate from 170 pounds of wire at rates up to 1,750 pounds per hour (depending on the type and thickness of the wire) to 99.9% clean material. These units require no forced cooling, are extremely energy efficient and yield fast return on investment. Units will process a variety of materials including wire, radiator cores, car looms, ACRs, and more, separating out copper, aluminum, plastic and steel. According to Moley Magnetics, they not only provide sales, but also have the keen ability to help strategize with customer’s to smoothly incorporate a systematic approach to solving individual recycler’s needs. Whether material is hand fed or fed via “smart” pre-shredder/conveyor systems, Moley Magnetics has a range of solutions, from the compact SM series, to Multi-Flex Turbo units which can process up to 5,000 pounds per hour.

Moley Magnetics, Inc. appoints new Great Lakes Territory sales manager

Moley Magnetics, Inc. has announced that David Koch has joined the company as an addition to their sales team in the attachments & equipment division, to further cultivate a growing portfolio of local and regional accounts. David Koch (pronounced “coke”) brings over five years of national business development and sales experience in magnets, and a deep skill set from his decade-plus of sales that includes extensive product and sales training at customer and reseller levels. According to a recent press release from Moley; "His project management style and attention to account development is a tremendous fit to our organization and style. His experience and education has also given him a keen eye and ear for marketing at every level of selling of a brand and its product lines, which gives Moley Magnetics, Inc. more knowledge and creative ideas to draw from in our tireless dedication to our brands."

Alligator shears designed for mobility, adjustability and power

Alligator shears play an important role for metal recyclers by cutting things down to size – literally – enabling shredders to handle oversized materials that would otherwise be difficult or sometimes impossible to digest. They also allow the recycler to “clean” or prepare scrap for shredding by removing unwanted fittings or other parts the shredder may not accept. This adds value to the scrap and improves the quality of finished frag.

Moley Magnetics adds facility and new line of attachments

At the end of 2011, Moley Magnetics expanded operations with a new, larger, stand-alone facility in Lockport, New York. The company also recently signed an agreement with Italian-based manufacturer Minelli S.r.l. whereby Minelli's  line of excavator-mounted attachments will be sold through Moley's extensive North American dealer network.

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