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Freddie Mac moves toward green goal with JWC Monster food waste shredder

Corporate campuses that house their own cafeterias need to deal with large volumes of discarded food; with that comes the challenge of how to store large volumes of bulky, heavy waste for disposal. Many corporations today are turning to volume reduction strategies using industrial shredders to cut organics to a particle size that can more efficiently be stored on site until it can be picked up. 

Sulzer completes acquisition of JWC Environmental

Sulzer has announced that it has completed the acquisition of JWC Environmental, LLC. JWC is a leading provider of highly engineered, mission-critical solids reduction and removal products including grinders, screens, and dissolved air flotation systems for municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater applications, as well as for applications in solid waste management.

Monster Industrial SHRED Series lineup includes two new models

Two new industrial grinders from JWC Environmental are designed to offer optimized solutions for tough solids grinding applications. According to JWC, the expansion of the SHRED series product range allows customers to find the best industrial size reduction equipment to meet their specific needs in a wide variety of industrial applications including organic waste processing, recycling, product destruction and food processing.

Monster Industrial 7 SHRED grinder designed for large capacity processing

JWC Environmental’s new Monster Industrial 7 SHRED grinder is built to fulfill the demands of product reduction for industrial applications including solid waste and recycling, and is specifically designed to process larger capacities faster and more efficiently.

Monster grinder with robust cutting chamber

JWC Environmental introduces its largest grinder ever - the Macho Monster model 70000. This massive two-shafted grinder features an extra-large robust cutting chamber designed specifically for processing high-volume solids in large scale wastewater screenings grinding, various heavy-duty industrial dry grinding applications, food waste receiving, petrochemical and other various large scale, wet or dry solids reduction applications.