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Allied-Gator, Inc.


Address 2100 Poland Avenue, Youngstown, OH, 44502, US
Phone 330-744-0808 / 800-624-2867
Fax 330-744-3218
Email [email protected]

Allied-Gator, Inc. manufactures innovative hydraulic attachments for the demolition and scrap processing/recycling industries. Products include the patented MT™ Series Multi-Tool™ in sizes from 800-52,000 lbs. featuring patented Quick-Change™ Shear, Cracker/Crusher and Densifier™ Jaw Sets for structural steel demolition, reinforced concrete reduction, rail processing, material handling and densifying.  Allied-Gator additionally manufactures the MT™ Series Mag Extension™ and the patented Allied-Gator Claw Bucket™.  Visit for tool specifications, pictures and videos.

The patented Allied-Gator MT™ Series Multi-Tool™ features patented Quick-Change™ Shear, Cracker/Crusher & Densifier™ Jaw Sets, which can be switched in the field in 15 minutes, enabling a single machine to perform all structural steel/concrete demolition, cast reduction, material densifying & rail processing applications with maximum effectiveness.  The MT line is offered in 11 rotating sizes from 800-52,000 lbs. & can accommodate carriers from skid steers & compacts to mass excavators.

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