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Walker Magnetics

Address 20 Rockdale St, Worcester, MA, 01606, US

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The Magnetic Separator as Sorter

Magnetic separation consists of using the power of magnetic devices to sort ferrous products from non-magnetic debris. Magnetic separators, whether magnetic pulleys, suspended magnets or magnetic drums placed appropriately in a system, will remove or sort ferrous-responsive materials from those that are non-magnetic.

Magnetic drums suitable for range of recycle applications

Walker Magnetics provides customized drum cleat designs to suit applications in ferrous metal and C&D recycling, as well as in waste-to-energy and MRF facilities. Extra high stainless steel cleats, complete with gussets, are available for applications in ferrous recovery, and Walker’s standard 3/8-inch-thick drum shell is a full 1/8-inch thicker than the industry standard, and ranges up to a robust 5/8-inch-thick manganese steel unit.  


The model SREEC-1430 commercial size eddy current separator features a contoured pole and a top-grade rare earth rotor entirely encased in stainless steel. This unit provides the repulsive force to propel aluminum cans eight feet from the rotor, and a high-strength fiberglass shell, and urethane accordion-skirted belt, are designed to stand up to the service requirements in any material recycling facility. Heavy-duty bearings are supported by a tubular steel frame with shock mounts to provide vibration-free operation. There are twenty of these units currently operating in Canadian facilities.


Walker Mag-netics National Limited based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, manufactures a magnetic separation line of products for the scrap, recycling and mining industry. The company’s magnetic head pulleys are used to concentrate ferrous recyclables, as buying a machine,well as to remove tramp material which may damage crushers and conveyors. The same is true of the company’s extended line of electro and permanent suspended magnets.

Magnetic separation

Walker Electromagnetic Drums for separation in auto shredding and other applications are available with either axial or radial pole constructions. They can provide control of individual poles or sections of the entire surface, through use of a variable voltage transformer control.

Eddy current separators

Walker’s eddy current separators have very large rotor diameters and produce extremely powerful magnetic fields for use in recycling and other recovery applications. The rugged support frame and shock mounts provide a smooth running unit. The latest models of these non-ferrous separators are equipped with urethane belts and variable speed drives on the conveyor, as well as the rotor. Separators are available in belt widths between 24 and 60 inches.

Eddy current separator for fluff reclamation

Walker has recently introduced its new high powered Eddy Current Separator designed for shredding fluff reclamation and various scrap yard applications.

E-scrap separation

Walker recently announced that they now offer a complete line of magnetic separators to serve ferrous and non-ferrous recovery operations, specifically in E-scrap applications, with more than 99 percent efficiency.


Light in weight, yet extremely powerful, and recently added to Walker’s line is the new Rare Earth line of high-powered magnetic separators. “Like every other business, the crushing and demolition industry is constantly looking for cost savings and more efficiency,” says Don Morgan, Walker Magnetics’ Product Manager/ Magnetic Separation. “These new separators can work as stand-alone units without the need for electrical power for the magnet. And with increased power that will outperform electro-magnets, reclamation of materials is more efficient, resulting in better returns from recycling.” Some of the key features include: self cleaning; high power Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material; heavy duty construction; TEFC Motor with Chain Drive Transmission; compact design; and an optional stainless steel clad belt.

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