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Rugged channel grinder

The TASKMASTER TITAN TM22000 is a rugged channel grinder that combines industrial shredding performance with a high flow capability and low headloss. This powerful unit has a much larger throat opening than the prior TITAN and can easily handle the largest, bulkiest institutional solids. The result is superior performance in both grinding and liquid handling.

Solution for wastewater solids

The SPIRALIFT SL fine screens, washes, transports and compacts wastewater solids while leaving essential organics in the flow. This system is easy to install in existing channels, reduce solids disposal costs and protects downstream equipment. The SPIRALIFT is a fully integrated system which includes: a powerful TASKMASTER 7 grinder, a shaftless screw screen, and control system which coordinates the system=s normal and special functions. The PLC based control system uses flow level data to cycle the screw to minimize power and wear. By combining the benefits of a rugged TASKMASTER l grinder and a dependable screw screen, the SPIRALIFT system is uniquely effective and trouble-free.