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BM&M Screening Solutions

Address 5465 Production Blvd, Surrey, BC, V3S 8P6, CA
Phone 1-800-663-0323
Fax 604-539-1022
Email [email protected]

BM&M Screening Solutions builds high speed, high capacity gyratory screening machines. In business since 1968 BM&M is known worldwide for the quality of its products as well as terrific after-market service. The unique design of the BM&M Screen and its gyratory drive unit is the key to the success of this BC based company.

Family owned and operated, BM&M produces custom screens for recycle customers handling products such as wood, rubber, glass, gypsum and metal. A state-of-the-art test lab allows BM&M to test screen customer material, ensuring the best efficiencies, and enabling BM&M to provide custom performance guarantees. 

Super Deck Screen
BM&M Super Screen

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BM&M flat gyratory screen is right fit for stationary bark and green waste recovery

Oren Posner is the owner of Lane Forest Products based out of Eugene, Oregon. The company supplies landscaping products and runs organics recycling and biomass recovery operations out of two locations, where they turn incoming organics into valuable, reusable materials. When asked to consider why his company uses star screens in their mobile operations, but installed a BM&M flat gyratory screen in their stationary bark and green waste recovery operations back in 1995, Oren says: "Star screens or disc screens are fixed. These types of screens have few variables to play with and if the market changes or your customers' requirements change you cannot adapt with star screen technology. This is not the case with a BM&M screen."

Fines Content Removal for Marin Sanitary Service Creates Secondary Market

Fines in a cogeneration power station create more ash.  That was the problem facing Marin Sanitary Service back in 1999 and 2000. Marin, a California-based family-owned company, had installed a complete Jeffrey Radar system in 1987, including hammermill, chain conveyor and vibratory screen, to manage their curbside green waste business as well as the construction-and-demolition (C&D) waste in Marin's Resource Recovery Center.

Repurposing the screen

Terry Gillis, GM at Recovery 1, Inc., Tacoma, Washington, has seen the market change - a lot. Back in 1998 Recovery 1 was focused on wood waste recovery and had purchased two gyratory BM&M Chip Screens to provide final sizing of fuel chips before they were delivered to the stock pile.  A vibratory screen provided 6-inch + material to a 1,000 hp hammer mill and 6-inch minus material to a 500 hp rotary hog. As Recovery 1's processed wood exited the grinders, it was delivered to one of the two BM&M screens for final sizing (to 2-inch minus).  

Gyratory Super Screen

BM&M’s Super Screen was built as a flexible design for all recycling industries. Its high speed horizontal gyratory design is dynamically balanced to allow greater speeds and higher strokes than conventional sifters. The Super Screen achieves high capacities and efficiencies and is available in a range of sizes from 4.5 square feet up to 72 square feet.

Mini Super Screen

BM&M Screening Solutions’ 2B Sanitary Mini Super Screen features all-stainless steel construction, continuous welds, wash-down spec. exterior, and sanitary element cartridges.