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Multi-pin grabber coupler

Built for use with excavators and loader backhoes, the new JRB PowerLatch multi-pin grabber coupler employs several advanced safety features, including a patented Automatic Blocking System that ensures coupler engagement is maintained during hydraulic failure, as well as backup mechanical locks.

JRB offers Grapple Bucket/Rake

The JRB Grapple Bucket/Rake attaches to wheel loaders and is designed to efficiently transport materials such as construction and land clearing debris, refuse, recyclables and scrap. Its unique “C” shaped radial design allows unwanted small debris to drop out through the bottom shell, eliminating excess material weight in each truckload. For added load security, the JRB Grapple Bucket/Rake utilizes multi-line grapples equipped with both horizontal and vertical bars that hold materials firmly in place.   

Buckets offer multiple options for handling recyclables

The JRB Refuse/Transfer Bucket and the versatile JRB Grapple Bucket are engineered to increase wheel loader productivity in a wide variety of recycling, landfill and transfer station applications. The JRB Refuse/Transfer Bucket comes in two profile style designs: a pushing style to move debris, and a loading style with a deeper pocket to pick up debris, and for easy dumping where needed. A heavy-duty tubular visibility spill guard is located toward the top of the bucket so operators can see when the load is reaching maximum capacity. This makes it easy to see the material being moved or scooped – for precise bucket filling and optimal productivity. The JRB Refuse/Transfer Bucket is available in five wheel loader size ranges with capacities from four cubic yards up to 10 cubic yards. The JRB Grapple Bucket is available in three different designs: a full-side design to move small and fine material, a half-side design that is lighter in weight and can handle medium-size material, and a cutaway design to move larger debris. Each design has two separate grapple arms that can be independently moved by the dual hydraulic cylinders, and an optional screen guard can be used when maximum material retention is crucial, or when transporting small and fine material. The JRB Grapple Bucket is available in seven wheel loader size ranges with capacities from one cubic yard up to eight cubic yards.

Quick coupler innovation introduced

VersaLoc from JRB incorporates a new concept in quick couplers designed to increase both productivity and safety over traditional models. From a productivity point of view, the new VersaLoc features the ability to handle multi-pin spreads as well as various pin diameters. This gives users the versatility to change out a large variety of attachments in seconds, without leaving the cab. Additionally, VersaLoc was designed to compensate traditional force loss by creating a lower offset. This repositioned offset improves machine performance and results in better breakout force. To ensure maximum machine performance, VersaLoc is designed with weight reduction in mind. This reduced weight allows for more force available to the attachment.