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KINSHOFER P-series orange peel grapples handle heavier loads and increase efficiency

KINSHOFER offers an extensive range of excavator orange peel grapples for scrap, demolition, loading and unloading applications. Unlike competitive grapples, according to Kinshofer, the P-Series hydraulic system is fully enclosed and protected, reducing the risk of damage to hoses and other components. Additionally, the grapple's unique tine design enhances material penetration, increasing the amount contractors can safely secure in one cycle and saving time on the jobsite. 

Kinshofer updates D-Series demolition and sorting grapples

Kinshofer offers its D-Series grapples with a new light, compact and flexible shell, ideal for sorting and demolition. The attachments feature 360-degree endless rotation for precise positioning to give construction, demolition and recycling contractors optimal control when grabbing materials. D-series grapples are available for 4,400-pound (2-ton) to 176,000-pound (80-ton) excavators. 

KINSHOFER Acquires Atlas transverse cutter business

KINSHOFER has acquired the Schaeff Transverse Cutter business from Atlas GmbH, a Germany-based crane and excavator manufacturer. The transverse, or drum, cutters are the first in KINSHOFER's line of crane and excavator attachments, allowing the company to serve contractors in a wider range of industries, including tunneling and mining. The addition also gives contractors in construction, demolition and landscaping access to a broader range of attachments, all from one manufacturer. 

​KINSHOFER Multi-Quick Processors offer versatility and quick jaw change-out times

KINSHOFER, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality excavator and loader crane attachments, offers its Multi-Quick Processors, featuring best-in-class cycle times, jaw change-out times and power-to-weight ratio. The attachments allow demolition and recycling industry contractors to use one attachment with several jaw sets instead of buying several tools for different applications. Contractors can choose from six to eight jaw sets, depending on which of the four MQP models they choose, including dedicated concrete, steel or tank jaws, as well as combination and specialty jaws. 

Kinshofer NOX-Tiltrotators have cylinderless design and only two grease points

Kinshofer's NOX-Tiltrotators have a universal joint that offers 360-degree continuous rotation and tilting angles of up to 2 by 55 degrees, which the company says is the widest in the industry. The Tiltrotator features an elliptical piston, rather than a cylinder, for a streamlined design and high-power performance in a variety of tight areas and applications, such as road construction, general construction and city snow removal.

​New hydraulic mobile shears from Kinshofer feature industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and cycle times

KINSHOFER, one of the world's leading sources of high-quality excavator and loader crane attachments, introduces the DXS Series of hydraulic mobile excavator shears. The line features industry-leading in its size class power-to-weight ratios, jaw opening sizes, cycle times and hydraulic efficiency. The attachment series, which debuts with the DXS-50 model, is ideal for scrap processing, tire recycling and demolition.

Kinshofer attachments ideal for wide range of materials from scrap to biomass

KINSHOFER offers a wide range of attachments, from tiny cable buckets for landscaping construction excavators with just 1-t operating weight, up to giant clamshell buckets and monstrous scrap shears for excavators with up to 100-t operating weight. For handling biomass on industrial or harbour sites, choosing the right attachment for the job depends on the kind of “mass” you want to grab. Wherever giant cranes, pneumatic vacuum elevators (grain blowers) or conveyors are not available or possible, classical grabbing devices should be the first choice. Attached to an excavator, their mobility makes them extra attractive. 

Heavy-duty P Series orange peel grapples

Kinshofer`s latest P-Grabs (P Series orange peel grapples) are now available in a heavy-duty version: designated P30VHD, P40VHD, and P51VHD models. These attachments have larger, more robust, fully integrated rotation with an extra sturdy slewing ring and internal hoses, which guarantees optimum force transmission and prevents hose break. Plus, an integrated pressure relief valve protects against overcharge. The new heavy-duty models are also swivel and bevel sealed. 

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Kinshofer acquires RF System AB

Kinshofer GmbH and the Swedish company RF System AB announced at the end of 2011 that they have signed a definite agreement to merge. Under the terms of the agreement Kinshofer has acquired 100 percent of the shares of RF System.   

Full line of orange peel grapples

Kinshofer’s full line of orange peel grapples includes P22V, P30V, P40V and P51V models, with four or five tines, and for excavators from 16 tonnes (35,200 pounds) to 50 tonnes (110,000 pounds) operating weights.  

DRS Series shears feature 360 degree rotation and optimal power-to-weight

Kinshofer’s DRS series of dedicated shears feature 360-degree rotation and an optimal power-to-weight ratio. This robust attachment can be used for a wide variety of jobs including concrete and steel structural demolition, general scrap yard work, conditioning of industrial mixed scrap, and for processing steel-reinforced concrete. With three different mounting options, the DRS line is available in five sizes and is suitable for excavators ranging from 18 to 100 tonnes (39,600 to 220,000 pounds) operating weights.  

NOX tilt-rotator sets new standards

The Kinshofer NOX tilt-rotator system has no tilt cylinders, which makes it especially suitable for work in narrow working areas. Less height is achieved due to the use of an elliptic rotary actuator, which replaces the hydraulic cylinders for the tilting action. According to Kinshofer, the use of an actuator also brings this unit’s total height to between 15 and 20 percent less than other tilt-rotators on the market, thereby allowing for superior breakout force. The rotary system on these units is also equipped with an integral braking system which together with the interior gear/warm gear, runs in a constant oil bath, making the product more durable and low maintenance.    

Orange peel grabs

Kinshofer’s P36V / P51V orange peel grabs are available with four or five tines, for volumes from 600 to 1,000 litres. Load capacity is 10,000 kg, and opening ranges are from 2,220 to 2,445 mm. High torque rotators on the new P-series are designed to be extremely flat and compact, with four-point bearing, and units will handle high transverse movements and impact loads, with a 15-ton axial load capacity.