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Alpha Controls & Instrumentation

Address 361 Steelcase Rd. W. Suite 6, Markham, ON, L3R 3V8, CA
Phone (800) 567-8686
Fax (905) 477-4219
Email [email protected]

Get the technology you need. Alpha is the leader in offering a variety of measuring and controlling instruments to Canadian industries. We supply a comprehensive range of test and measurement instrumentation from the world’s leading manufacturers.

For over 25 years, Alpha Controls & Instrumentation has provided technical solutions and support to industries that include pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage, waste and water treatment, aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, power, and HVAC. Support goes beyond technical answers and the right instruments. Expert Alpha technicians also provide instrument calibration, full service and repair.

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Multi-channel controller measures toxic gases

The Q4C is a multi-channel controller display and alarm unit that utilizes digital communications to interface with a maximum of four remote digital QEL transmitter/ sensors.These are used to measure a wide variety of toxic gases such as CO, NO2, NH3, HS2, SO2, refrigerants, and com- bustibles. The RS-485 communication is connected via a 4-wire multidrop daisy chain configuration to reduce the overall installation costs of the system. Alarm setpoints are set through the front keypad or through QEL-supplied software that is downloaded to the controller from a PC or laptop computer. Common relay configurations include voting, averaging, delay on actuation and de-actuation, normally or not-normally energized and latching.The audible alarm has three buzzer settings, continuous, intermittent and double-tap intermittent. An additional feature includes 24 VDC transistor outputs for a horn and strobe.