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Al-Jon Mfg

Address 15075 Al-jon Avenue, Ottumwa, IA, 52501, US
Phone 800-255-6620
Fax (+1) 641-682-6294
Email [email protected]

Al-jon is a family owned and operated manufacturing facility located in Ottumwa, Iowa, that has been supplying the Scrap, Auto Dismantling and Solid Waste industries since 1963. Al-jon Manufactures Car Crushers, Metal Balers, Car Loggers, ELV’s, and Landfill Compactors, with sales, service and marketing worldwide.  

Over 48 years ago, the first machine rolled out of the Al-jon factory. Since then our motto has remained the same… Keeping it Simple, Building it Strong, words we at Al-jon live by every day.  

At Al-jon, we are proud people, proud of our machines and confident that you will be as well. Al-jon machines are purpose-built for their application, allowing us to deliver to you the right machine for the job.

Al-jon is small enough to listen to your ideas for product development, yet large enough to provide after-the-sale service and support at levels companies larger than Al-jon cannot match.  

Al-jon Manufacturing, LLC is ISO 9001-2008 Certified.


Al-Jon Impact Car Crusher
Al-John Advantage 600 Landfill Compactor
Al-John 500 CL Car Logger
Al-John 400 XL Logger Baler
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Al-Jon 500CL Car Logger / Baler

Al-jon’s new twin ram 500CL Car Logger / Baler is based on the proven Model 580CL Car Logger Baler. The 580CL has been produced since 2003, and Al-Jon says, almost every one of the over 500 machines produced are still operating in North America and around the planet.

Impact V Car Crusher is a portable, one-man operation

 Al-jon’s Impact V Car Crusher is designed as a portable, one-man operation that can crush and stack up to five cars at a time for loading. Operators simply raise the cylinder cases, lock them into position (with a simple key-way design) and the Impact V is ready to work. This unique design reduces total set-up time to less than one minute, and the raised-cylinder configuration gives the cylinders more power by adding downward force to crush material.

Container loader system

These new 4020 CLS Container Loading Systems combine with standard 20- and 40-foot shipping containers to allow scrap metal operators to efficiently and safely prepare and load all types of scrap metal for shipment. Ferrous or non-ferrous loose or baled scrap metal, as well as baled scrap car bodies, can be easily prepared for market. Depending on the type of metal being moved, the rugged 4020CLS system will allow for the loading of two to three 40-foot container loaders per hour.