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MEGADOME by BuildWorks

9962 Chapman Rd
Rosedale, BC

Company Profile:

MEGADOME® by BuildWorks. The BuildWorks team offers affordable turnkey building solutions. With over 35 years of diversified experience in the Canadian construction industry BuildWorks can do much more than deliver durable cost effective fabric-covered buildings at the right price. We make it simple with MegaDomes® which can span from as little as 40’, all the way up to 140’ widths. Acres can be covered with ease, and we do so cost effectively and efficiently. MegaDome® pre-engineered fabric covered structures are made in Canada, CSA A660 certified, and include up to 15-year factory warranty. Download a MegaDome by BuildWorks DESIGN GUIDE at or to plan your next project, or call us at (604) 794-3628 to discuss your specific requirements.

BuildWorks is the MegaDome® dealer-builder in Western Canada. Since the turn of the millennium the company has been actively designing and constructing pre-engineered steel frame, fabric-covered Coverall type buildings; and with its extensive expertise the company can provide a total turn-key solution to customers on a wide range of applications. Scores of satisfied clients have selected a MegaDome by BuildWorks as a preferred building solution – offering many distinct advantages; such as construction efficiency, cost effectiveness for practical clear span building space, and environmentally friendly natural lighting. See some of our many successful projects completed for other satisfied customers at: BuildWorks will build what you need; and where you need it; with full design, engineering and construction support services for every project. 

BuildWorks Construction Inc. is a core member of the BWORXX™ Group of Companies—, integrating design-build and project management services; and specialized capabilities in environmental projects and composting aeration systems; such as the patented AirFloor® system, and MegaDome® pre-engineered structures. 

XXP Series

XXP Series
XXP Series

A new addition to the wide range of MEGADOME® building models, the XXP profile maximizes the use of the interior space and avoids limitations due to reduced clearances near the side of the structures. Just 4 ft. inside the wall of a XXP model, the vertical clearance is already about 20 feet. CSA A660 certified.

100+ Series

  • 100+ Series
    100+ Series
  • 100+ Series
  • 100+ Series

The MEGADOME® 100+ series (available in 100’, 125’ and 140’ widths) have been expressly engineered to meet extra wide-span, and voluminous space requirements; be it for mining, bulk storage, processing, or even sports & recreation facilities.

This profile may be installed on a low-profile grade-beam, or on a higher concrete wall. The 100+ series arches are manufactured from heavy 8 gauge steel oval sections, and 36” truss-depths; providing superior load capacity for locations with high wind and snow ratings. CSA A660 certified. 

XP33-100 MegaDome

The model XP MEGADOME® is the most popular with MegaDome customers as the elongated lower truss section offers up to 16 feet of interior sidewall height; which makes it an ideal selection for high-capacity vertical storage such as warehouse racking, or pallet storage, without the added cost of a high support wall. This MegaDome model is available in 7 different widths, from 33’ through to 100’. CSA A660 Certified


When good is just not good enough, and the use of the buildings subjects the structure to corrosion of the structural components—MEGADOME® now offers the exclusive HotDip+ protection. Comprehensive protection complements the hot-dip galvanization of the main structural elements with stainless steel components, and with zinc-nickel alloy fasteners— salt-spray tested in accordance with ASTM B117. HotDip+ is only solid approach to long-life building performance.

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