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Rayco Manufacturing, Inc.

Address 4255 E Lincoln Way, Wooster, OH, 44691-8601, US
Phone 330-264-8699
Fax 330-264-3697
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Rayco introduces planar teeth for high-production mulching

Rayco has announced the availability of a new planar tooth for its Predator mulcher heads that utilize a 2-bolt tooth holder. Rayco’s 2-bolt mulcher teeth are 2-sided, to provide twice the useful life of competitive teeth. The new planar teeth can be used on the entire rotor, or mixed in with Rayco’s popular, carbide-tipped, Beaver tooth. These Planar teeth are now the same weight as the popular carbide-tipped Beaver teeth, allowing operators to run with a combination of planar and Beaver teeth on the rotor simultaneously.

Compact horizontal grinder

The RH1754 horizontal grinder weighs only 14,000 pounds, allowing for easy transportation and maneuverability. This fuel-efficient grinder is highly productive, available in a towable configuration, or self-propelled on a steel tracked undercarriage, and is capable of grinding a wide variety of wood waste materials.

Compact horizontal grinder now available on tracks

Rayco’s new line of compact horizontal grinders is now available as either a towable or self-propelled unit on a steel tracked undercarriage. The model RH1754 is a mobile, compact machine designed to grind pallets, brush, green-waste, lumber scraps and construction debris, while minimizing the expense and hassle of larger units. The towable RH1754 can easily be moved behind a one-ton truck, while the self-propelled RH1754 is capable of getting into remote jobsites and will save time associated with re-positioning the machine. Both models operate well on small jobsites inaccessible to larger machines, and feature low fuel consumption and high productivity rates, which match machines costing up to twice as much.

Drum-style brush chipper runs all day without refuelling

The RAYCO RC 16.5 drum-style brush chipper is engineered to give contractors and municipalities a 17-inch (43-cm) capacity machine loaded with smart features designed to maximize productivity and keep maintenance at a minimum. With a fuel capacity of 50 gallons (189 L), the unit’s 140-hp (104 kW) Cat diesel will run all day without stopping to refuel. The RC 16.5 also features Fuel Saver Technology which automatically decelerates the engine if the feed control bar remains in neutral for 60 seconds. To eliminate clutch maintenance, units feature a hydraulic clutch that engages at the push of a button and never needs adjusting. A Torflex idler makes belt adjustments simpler and does not require movement of the engine, and the top feed wheel is powered by a large planetary drive motor that provides plenty of torque while eliminating the need for couplers.

Drum-style brush chipper

The Rayco RC 16.5 drum-style brush chipper, ideal for wood recycling contractors and municipalities, is a 17-inch (43 cm) capacity machine with a fuel capacity of 50 gallons (189 L). The RC 16.5 uses a 140-hp (104 kW) Caterpillar diesel engine, and includes Fuel Saver Technology which automatically decelerates the engine if the feed control bar remains in neutral for 60 seconds.

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