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Address 1332 Freese Works Place, Galion, OH, 44833, US
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E-Crane International USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indusign N.V., a Belgian engineering company. ECI-USA is the exclusive provider of marketing, sales, engineering, product support, and spare parts for the E-Crane product line in North and South America.

The "E" in E-Crane stands for Equilibrium. The design is based on a parallelogram style boom that provides a direct mechanical connection between the counterweight and the load, ensuring that the E-Crane remains balanced throughout its working range. Compared to conventional cranes that require as much as 80% of their available energy just to move the boom, stick, and grab, the E-Crane makes gravity work for you instead of against you, reducing horsepower requirements and power consumption by up to 50%, and significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs.

The E-Crane series offers models with up to 50 tons duty cycle capacity and 150 ft/50m horizontal outreach. Its modular design allows each E-Crane to be tailor-made to the client's specific requirements.

EH900 Series / Model 7290 E-Handler on Crawlers

1500 Series / Model 9317 E-Crane on Crawlers Handling Petcoke

2000 Series / Model 21382 E-Crane on Rails Unloading Panamax Ships

2000 Series / Model 18264 Barge Mounted E-Crane Unloading Barges

3000 Series / Model 30382 Barge Mounted E-Crane Barge-to-Ship Midstream Transfer Operation

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E-crane to handle over 500,000 tons of materials yearly at MetalX’s new mega-shredder

MetalX, headquartered in Waterloo, Indiana, has begun operation of a new 5,000-hp mega-shredder at the company's recently established greenfield site in Delta, Ohio. In December 2018, MetalX also installed a new E-Crane 1000 Series Model EC7317 PD-E stationary equilibrium crane, equipped with a 3.5-cubic-metre (4.6-cubic-yard) scrap grapple. Since installation, the E-Crane has been used to move and stockpile material in preparation for the shredder startup. Now that the shredder is operational, the E-Crane will be used primarily to feed the shredder at a rate of up to 300 tons per hour.

​700 Series E-Crane at Stelimet designed for feeding the shear, improves on-site safety and efficiency

At the end of December 2016, E-Crane commissioned a new 700 Series, Model E4290 PD-E at Stelimet, Genk, Belgium. Stelimet was looking for a crane for feeding a shear and stockpiling scrap around the shear. The ideal situation for Stelimet is to stockpile as high as possible in order to optimize the use of the storage area.  As the shear is operated by remote control, an excellent view into the shear was absolutely necessary.  Also, the liability, safety, energy consumption, and service reaction time of the supplier were important issues for Stelimet. 

​E-Crane Launches myE-Crane Application; the Next Generation in Service Logistics

E-Crane International USA, Inc., the Ohio-based manufacturer of high production bulk material and scrap cranes, is proud to announce the roll out of the “myE-Crane Application”.  This simple to use application works with a smart phone and keeps the equipment operator, maintenance technicians and management staff up to date and informed IN REAL TIME. According to E-Crane, the goal with this technology is to allow direct communication from the E-Crane operator to the E-Crane company service group.  All communication and actions are data-based, preventing miscommunication.  

Blue Fuchs Appointed Dealer for E-Crane in the UK

E-Crane announced this month the appointment of Blue Fuchs as their new dealer for the UK. The Blue Group is a specialist provider of materials processing equipment for the quarrying, waste recycling, scrap, port and wood handling industries in the UK & Ireland. Blue offers complete solutions from single equipment specification and supply, to the design and installation of complete integrated processing systems. With an extensive but focused portfolio of world leading brands in the materials processing sector, Blue says they are able to combine the very best in proven equipment with the latest innovative technologies to provide a winning and competitive edge to businesses.

White Is The New Green

Energy consumption and environmental impact are becoming increasingly important when a company invests in new material handling equipment. In other words, nowadays the impact on the environment caused by a material handler needs to be minimized. Additionally, the cost to handle one ton of bulk material also has great importance, as this shows the economic feasibility.

E-Crane International USA Announces Appointment of New CEO

E-Crane International USA (ECI-USA), has announced that the Board of Directors has unanimously elected Steven M. Osborne as Chief Executive Officer effective June 24th, 2015. Steven Osborne succeeds his father and ECI-USA’s current President and CEO Mark W. Osborne who has been successfully leading the company since it was founded in 1999. Mark Osborne will continue to serve the company as a member of the management team responsible for sales & marketing.

E-Cranes make Galloo Ghent the fastest scrap terminal in the world

Through the windows of their office, CEO Bernard Beyne and managing director/CEO Rik Debaere of Galloo Recycling Group look out over their scrap terminal in Ghent, Belgium with satisfaction. The large, colourful mounds of scrap make for an interesting view from an office, and business is good.

Electric-powered stationary scrap handler trouble-free after one year

In April 2013, an E-crane, 700 Series Model 4290 was installed for American Shredder at the company’s facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The new E-Crane is 100-percent electric powered, using a 110-kW (150-hp) electric motor, and is used for unloading trucks and feeding a 3,000-hp shredder, among other tasks. The unit has a maximum outreach of 29 metres (95 feet), a lifting range of 35.5 metres (116.5 feet), and a duty cycle capacity of 5.5 metric tons (6.1 US tons).

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E-Crane 1000 Series E-Crane replaces material handlers at Harsco scrap yard in Brazil

At the end of 2013, a new E-Crane was installed and commissioned at the Harsco scrap yard in Piracicaba, Brazil near São Paulo. The E-Crane is a pedestal mounted 1000 Series / Model 7317 with a maximum outreach of 31,7 meters (104 ft) and a maximum lift capacity of 13,6 Mton (15.0 USton) and will be used to handle scrap at the facility. The new E-Crane replaced at least three small material handlers at the site. 

E-crane allows scrap stockpiling to over 25 metres and cuts loading time in half

Three years after the installation of the first 2000 series E-Crane at the port of Ghent, Belgium, scrap terminal, Galloo Gent (part of the European-based Galloo Group) has installed a second, identical unit. The two E-cranes are being used to load material into Handymax vessels up to Panamax size and for off-loading barges and coasters.

700 series crane models added

E-Crane’s 700 series 4290 and 4317 models share the same reliable and proven component platforms as the company’s proven 4248 and 4264 models, but are able to obtain longer outreach. The 4290 model has a duty cycle capacity of 5.5 metric tons and an outreach of 29 metres, while the 4317 model has a duty cycle capacity of 5.3 metric tons and an outreach of 32 metres.

700 Series E-Crane

The 700 Series E-Crane is purpose-built for handling scrap in mills and recycling centres. It is well designed for dedicated duty-cycle applications such as feeding shredders or shears, or filling baskets. According to E-Crane, a single electrically-powered 700 Series E-Crane can do the work of multiple smaller material handlers, delivering reduced cost-per-ton of scrap handled per hour.