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BENLEE Trailers & Trucks


Address 30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, MI, 48174, US
Phone (734) 722-8100
Fax (734) 722-6662
Email [email protected]

Company Description:

BENLEE Trailers and Trucks is a manufacturer, parts store, and full-service repair center. BENLEE manufactures roll off trailers, roll off trucks, pup trailers, dump trailers, open top scrap gondolas, converter dollys, crushed car haulers & more! BENLEE trailers have the highest industry uptime and we’ve been the best in the business since 1976! We stock trailers 26' - 48', 2-8 axles. Our trailers and trucks are robust, yet lightweight, and engineered to allow for the highest payload capacity. BENLEE manufactures the highest quality, longest lasting, and safest roll off equipment on the road. Call (734) 890-6822 or email [email protected] for a quote today!

The BENLEE parts store stocks parts for all trailer makes & models. Some popular brands include Roll Rite, Gresen, Hyco, Reyco, Pioneer & more! 99% of parts ship the same day you order them. Call (734) 722-8100, email [email protected], or visit us at today!

The BENLEE repair and service center is equipped to service any trailer & truck issue, from slight adjustments to heatless frame-straightening and full trailer reconstruction. Walk-ins welcome, no appointment necessary! Call (734) 722-8100, email [email protected], or drive in today!

Roll Off Trailer : The BENLEE Super Mini

The BENLEE Super Mini Roll Off Trailer is only 25’11”, making it almost as short as a Roll Off Truck (when attached to a tractor) with the additional maneuverability of a trailer fifth wheel. Designed to carry the same 20, 30, 40, or tall 50 yd boxes, the Super Mini hauls 17-18 tons – that’s 50% more legal weight than a Roll Off Truck in most states! The trailer has a low tare weight of 12,400 lbs.

Roll Off Trailer : The BENLEE Bridgemaster

The BENLEE Bridgemaster Roll Off Trailer is a strong, but light, tandem-axle trailer designed for payloads up to 20 tons. It is the maximum federal bridge of 80,000 lbs. GVWR. The trailer has a low tare weight of 17,800 lbs. and can carry up to a 38’ container. The Bridgemaster Roll Off Trailer is ideal for demolition or scrap operations.

Roll Off Trailer : The BENLEE Conventional

The BENLEE Conventional Roll Off Trailer is a robust trailer built with dual lift and dual reeving cylinders to pick up extremely heavy loads. Because of its heavy duty design, the Conventional Roll Off Trailer can be over-permitted when legal. It is available in lengths from 29’ to 44’ long, with 2-4 axles.

Open Top Gondola Trailer : The BENLEE Scrap Hauler

The BENLEE Open Top Scrap Gondola maximizes hauling efficiency while reducing cost. BENLEE Scrap Haulers are frameless with a structurally reinforced body to bridge the load between axles. The Scrap Hauler is available in length from 45’ to 53’ long, with 2-4 axles. This Open Top Trailer carries an enormous amount of “white goods,” shred material, or aluminum.

Roll Off Trailer : The BENLEE Pup

Haul a 23’ BENLEE Pup Trailer behind another Roll Off Trailer to double your load capacity. BENLEE Pup Trailers are built with or without hydraulics and are available with 2-4 axles. Pup Trailers are recommended for use in the waste, recycling, or scrap industries.

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