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Compostable plastic

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT out of Germany, has introduced a translucent and compostable PLA blend type called Bio-Flex 467F. This new formulation can be processed on conventional polyethylene blown film lines, without requiring modifications or adjustments on screws, dies or take offs. Bio-Flex 467F is very versatile and stands out due to its high mechanical resistance and good elongation properties, as well as obtained values comparable to the values of HDPE.

Compostable mulch films made of PLA blends

Bio-Flex is the first compostable mulch film based on a PLA blend. PLA blends are a mixture betweenPLA (polylactide) and further biodegradable polymers and additives. By means of a fermentative process, PLA is obtained from corn starch, among other products. The industrial production and application testing of these new PLA mulch films has shown that in comparison to other biodegradable films, Bio-Flex degrades slower and is less sensitive to climatic variations. Bio-Flex has also shown to be able to be produced efficiently on conventional extruders, such as those used in the production of LDPE films. PLA mulch films can be laid out with conventional laying machines without difficulty, and in agricultural applications, after a crop yield, the product will continue to degrade in the soil.

Spool housing improves tarping systems for chip hauling trailers

Roll-Rite recently introduced a new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing. The new housing is made with less bulk and weight, and is designed as a complete front-to-rear tarping system that solves the most common tarping problems associated with chip hauling trailers up to 53 feet in length. Chip hauling requires a tarp fabric that breathes enough and that is heavy and wide enough to lay flat (even on heaped loads), and one which will totally prevent debris from escaping. Commonly used side-flip style tarp systems are not available with the wider tarps required for heaped loads. Plus, side-flip style tarp systems have many parts that can obstruct the loading zone and which may be damaged themselves during loading.