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Brokk releases diesel demolition robot with 40 percent more hitting power

Brokk has introduced the Brokk 520D. Meeting both Tier 4 Final and Europe's Stage IV emission standards, Brokk says that the new machine is the most eco-friendly diesel demolition robot on the market. The 520D replaces the Brokk 400D, one of the first diesel models released, and comes equipped with Brokk's signature SmartConcept technology, boasting 40 percent more hitting power.

​New Brokk 170 offers 15 percent more power while retaining compact build

Brokk, the manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, has introduced the Brokk 170. With SmartPower – the company's signature intelligent power management system – the new machine offers 15 percent more power than its predecessor, the Brokk 160, but retains the same compact dimensions. The Brokk 170 is one of four new next generation Brokk remote-controlled demolition machines Brokk is launching at World of Concrete 2019 at booth C4249 in Las Vegas.

Brokk's next-generation demolition machines get power-to-weight boost

Brokk has launched four new demolition machines in 2018. The new models include: the Brokk 170, Brokk 200, Brokk 300 and the green diesel Brokk 520D machines. Each of the four models comes equipped with Brokk's SmartConcept technology. Along with the launch of the new line, Brokk has also introduced new attachments, including BHB hydraulic breakers and three Darda concrete crushers.

Brokk 500 Demolition Machine introduced

Brokk has introduced the new Brokk 500 demolition robot, which features 40 percent more demolition power than the Brokk 400 as well as the Brokk SmartPower electrical system, a more powerful breaker, extended reach and industry-leading serviceability. And, it adds a portion of good looks to the worksite as well.

Brokk Acquires Aquajet Systems AB

Brokk, a leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, recently acquired Aquajet Systems AB, the world’s leading manufacturer of hydrodemolition robots. The acquisition expands the application solutions offered by Brokk in the construction and demolition industry. Aquajet Systems specializes in concrete renovation by using extremely high-pressure water jets to remove concrete without harming the underlying rebar or causing microfracturing. The innovative machines are ideal for a variety of selective demolition applications, including bridge and road repair. The two brands will share a booth  during CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

110 Remote-Controlled Demolition Machine designed for increased power and efficiency

Brokk has introduced the Brokk 110. The electric-powered machine features increased demolition power over its predecessor, the Brokk 100, and includes the all-new Brokk SmartPower™ electrical system. The machine’s improvements increase the reliability and versatility for Brokk customers working on harsh jobsites in industries such as construction, demolition, metal processing, mining and nuclear.

Darda Multi Cutter Attachment Enhances Brokk Machines’ Versatility in Steel Cutting

Brokk has introduced the MC200 Multi Cutter to expand smaller Brokk models’ versatility for contractors in steel cutting applications. The one-of-a-kind steel cutting attachment, manufactured by Brokk’s sister company, Darda®, offers a high power-to-weight ratio and sleek, compact design. The 10-by-13-inch (25-by-33 centimeters) Multi Cutter is 40 inches (102 centimeters) long and can be used on machines weighing 2,650 to 6,170 pounds (1.2 to 2.8 metric tons), including the Brokk 100, 120 D and 160 models. It brings flexibility to the jobsite with its slim profile, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, such as building interiors where Brokk machines excel due to their electric operation and compact size. The attachment also features a hydraulic 360-degree rotary drive for exact positioning and an 8-inch-wide (200 millimeter) jaw opening, able to handle a variety of metals. It weighs only 265 pounds (130 kilograms), yet uses a hydraulic booster to exert 50 tons of cutting force at 3,900 psi (270 bars) to easily cut through steel. To reduce costs to the end user, Darda also designed the MC200 Multi Cutter so operators can sharpen the jaws rather than replace them.

Brokk introduces 280 demolition robot

Brokk has introduced the new Brokk 280. The machine features increased demolition power over its predecessor, includes the all-new Brokk SmartPower electrical system, and incorporates additional hardened parts for extra durability in tough environments. The improvements increase the reliability and versatility for Brokk customers working on harsh jobsites in industries such as construction, metal processing, mining and nuclear.

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Verstaile tank cutter attachment ideal for steel tanks, pipes and vessels

The TC120 Tank Cutter attachment, manufactured by Brokk Inc. sister company, Darda, delivers maximum cutting control and ultimate flexibility for continuous steel cutting abilities. The 47-by-17-inch TC120 Tank Cutter can be used with the Brokk 160, 260 and 400 models to deliver extraordinary precision. The TC120 brings flexibility to the jobsite with its hydraulic rotation capabilities and five-inch-wide jaws. It exerts 75 tons of cutting force at 7,250 psi to easily cut through half-inch thick steel plate. This attachment can be used in a variety of applications, such as in salvage yards and alongside balers, and is ideal  for cutting steel tanks, pipes and vessels.

The Brokk 800S

The 800 machines are Brokk’s most powerful demolition robots and the most powerful on the market. The Brokk 800S is built for the most extreme tunnelling, mining and construction work.

Compact demolition machine

The model CC420 crusher produces approximately 42 tons of pressure at the jaws and can crush up to15 inches of concrete and deliver up to 30 cubic feet per hour. Plus, handling rebar up to approximately an inch is no problem. Attached to a Brokk 180 demolition robot with its light weight, compact size and electric power, the CC420 is designed to be an ideal system for low-noise demolition in confined spaces.