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Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.

Address 7424 W. Plank Road, Peoria, IL, 61604, US
Phone 309-697-9200
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Philippi-Hagenbuch rear eject bodies engineered to tackle sticky situations

Featuring safety, stability and increased productivity as hallmarks of its design, Philippi-Hagenbuch's patented line of Rear Eject Bodies offer the ideal solution for challenging hauling applications from general/road construction, waste and recycling, sand/gravel to mine reclamation and underground hauling situations where overhead barriers inhibit traditional dump bodies. 

​Philippi-Hagenbuch introduces positive seal tailgate for truck bodies and containers

Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc., (PHIL) a specialist in off-highway truck customization, has invented a new version of their Autogate Tailgate specifically for off-highway trucks and roll-off containers that require a 100 percent positive seal. This new design can be paired with PHIL's proprietary fluidic seal material to create a water-tight seal that contains liquid materials within an off-highway truck body or roll-off container when environmental regulations or local laws make even slight spillage undesirable.

The Benefits of Going Custom

Humans produce waste. In fact, roughly 680 million tons of refuse is generated in the United States each day. And as the population continues to increase, so does waste production, making refuse management a real challenge.

Rear eject/rear dump bodies

These customized 900 cubic-foot rear eject/ rear dump combination bodies are ideal for use in scrap applications. Units are designed with no rollers or lubrication points, and feature a mechanical Autogate tailgate without hydraulic cylinders. When rear ejecting, the canopy, which is integrated into the ejector blade, moves with the ejector blade.

Combination rear eject/end dump bodies for scrap

Ideal for scrap metal facilities, Philippi-Hagenbuch recently introduced customized 900 cubic-foot rear eject/rear dump combination bodies mounted on off-highway Komatsu HD325-7 trucks. According to their manufacturer, these versatile units deliver the first rigid-frame truck rear eject body for off-highway trucks, as well as the first rear dump/rear eject body.

Refuse bodies designed for Cat articulated truck chassis

Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. recently introduced 100 cubic yard HIVOL Refuse/C&D Bodies with Autogate Tailgates, designed specifically for Caterpillar 735 articulated haul trucks. These PHIL bodies, which are four times the size of the standard body are ideal for C&D hauling and landfills. The HIVOL body design utilizes the standard Caterpillar chassis body mounting hardware, including the existing hoist cylinders. Each body’s capacity is four times the volume of a standard body, yet weighs only slightly more than 20,000 pounds with the tailgate. This high-volume design features a contoured floor with no interior intrusions, allowing for exceptional capacity and consistent load shedding ability. PHIL C&D Refuse Bodies are customizable to a landfill’s unique operation-specific requirements, with a loading height of 14 feet six inches (for landfill loading height restrictions), and can be equipped with the PHIL (no hydraulics) Autogate Tailgate.

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