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Axsun Technologies, Inc.


Address 1 Fortune Drive, Billerica, MA, 01821, US
Phone 978-262-0049
Fax 978-262-0035
Email [email protected]

With an experienced, multi-disciplined team of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing professionals, Axsun Technologies, founded in 1999, is developing a bold new approach to the design and manufacture of miniaturized optical micro-instruments for a variety of industries.

The Axsun™ Packaging Platform combines proprietary Micro-Optics lens technology, and patented micro-alignment structures with a highly scalable, automated assembly process to create the foundation of a new class of miniature optoelectronic products.

Axsun optoelectronic products provide higher levels of performance in much less space than bulk optical solutions while consuming less material, labor, and power.

At Axsun, we're making great strides in a new direction for mechanical-optical integration of instruments by thinking small, and we see no end to the possibilities.

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