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Hand-held NIR spectrometer

Hand-held NIR spectrometer
The Anavo Analyzer is a self-contained, hand-held NIR (near-infrared) spectrometer that collects a “fingerprint” of a given organic material in a single second, and compares it with an on-board database to provide a positive identification. These spectrometers are designed specifically for fibre and plastics recycling, including carpet, PP, PET, Nylon 6 and 6,6, wool and other extremely difficult-to-identify plastics such as PLA and PHA/PHB.

The Anavo Analyzer is sealed in a rugged enclosure, powered by a rechargeable battery, is dustproof, and designed to withstand a three-foot drop onto a concrete floor. Units are easy to use and maintain, and when used for portable or on-line measurements, data can be sent to an external logger or spreadsheet application, via a wired or wireless connection.

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