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National Rubber Technologies Inc.

Address 35 Cawthra Ave.,, Toronto, ON, M6N 5B3, CA
Phone 1.800.387.8501
Fax 416.656.1231
Email [email protected]

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Rubber and tire recycler points to environmental initiatives as key to success

National Rubber Technologies Inc., out of Toronto has officially announced the launch of their newly formed company. According to the company, environmental initiatives will be a key ingredient to the new company’s success. With over 310,000 square feet of manufacturing space, National Rubber Technologies will be converting over one million scrap tires, and over 20 million pounds of tire plant waste into high value products. This effort will help to keep over 35 million pounds of rubber out of landfill sites on an annual basis. National Rubber Technologies will focus heavily on its line of Symar products which includes Load-Grip friction mats, QuietDown acoustic control underlay, rubber sheets and rolls, anti-slip and anti-fatigue matting. National Rubber Technologies also has key contracts with Ford Motor Company and other Tier 1 automotive customers to supply rubber die-cut and injection molded parts. “We’re off to a strong start right out of the gate,” said Al Power, CEO. “We have the support of a top-notch employee group and a hugely supportive customer base. Add to that our state of the art manufacturing capabilities and we have a recipe for success.”