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Latest aerosol can crusher is safe and effective

Latest aerosol can crusher is safe and effective
TeeMark recently announced the latest aerosol can crusher to their line of can, pail, aerosol and drum crushers. The Super 200 is designed with all the safety features of previous models, with a more economical price. Units process many different size aerosol cans with a wide range of can content, separate liquid can content from propellants and VOCs, and remove and capture 99 percent of can contents. The Super 200 crushes cans to 1/2-inch thick while emptying contents and provides an automatic processing cycle that begins when the operator inserts a can into the crushing chamber and pulls two handles. Other features include: an explosion-proof crushing and piercing system; a blower that pulls VOCs and propellants from in and around the crushing chamber to create a PTE (permanent total enclosure); and an optional carbon filtration system for compliance with local regulations which may require additional processing of the off gases.
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