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Tarping system

Tarping system
This high-capacity tarp spool housing is made with less bulk and weight, and is designed as a complete front-to-rear tarp-ing system that solves the most common problems associated with chip hauling trailers up to 53 feet in length. This system provides a tarp fabric that breathes and that is heavy and wide enough to lay flat (even on heaped loads), and that will totally prevent debris from escaping. The Roll-Rite high-capacity tarp spool housing is attached to a trailer bulkhead, and the tarp system arms sit below the top rail, so the system provides a completely clean trailer top rail and clear loading zone. This product features low install time, requires no gussets, uses one-third of the fasteners, and adds no vertical height to a trailer.

Roll-Rite also recently added the 10900 electric kit, which is used to power their electric tarp systems. The 10900 features increased resistance to corrosion, and exceeds the 30-amp rating required to run Roll-Rite tarp systems. Roll-Rite’s electric tarp system is designed to reach peak performance at a lower amp draw, and without the need for heavy and expensive high-amp wire.

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