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Semi-pneumatic tire

Semi-pneumatic tire
The NU-AIR AT is an All-Terrain tire for skid steers and backhoes that joins McLaren’s NU-AIR TYRE Series. The NU-AIR AT combines the cushioned ride of pneumatic tires with the durability of solid tires, making it an ideal tire for work on any terrain.

Featuring strategically placed holes throughout its specifically engineered sidewalls, the NU-AIR AT is resistant to cuts and snags in severe operating conditions. The placement and depth of the sidewall holes are designed to create proper cushioning for optimum machine performance and longevity. Unlike fully pneumatic tires, which provide shock absorption using compressed air, the NU-AIR AT will not flatten, eliminating downtime from unexpected punctures. These tires also provide low ground pressure, work with over-the-tire tracks, are manufactured from heavy-duty rubber compounds, use one third more rubber than standard tires, and are available in a variety of tire and custom rim sizes.

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