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Work-tool mounted dust suppression solves old problem

Work-tool mounted dust suppression solves old problem
When it comes to demolition recycling, many companies continue to combat the problem of dust the “old-fashioned way:” with a fire hose. Although it is somewhat effective – it keeps complaints down and city authorities at bay – it is not cost effective. Using a fire hose to control dust is inefficient, and it has many negative side effects, including the mud-filled job sites it creates.

Gensco’s new DYNASET hydraulically-driven dust suppression system is designed to alleviate the problems encountered with traditional methods of handling dust on site.

The concept is actually quite simple: a hydraulically-driven water pump provides high pressure water to nozzles mounted directly on the work tool, whether using a pulverizer, hammer, crusher, drill, or any implement used in demolition.

The high pressure water is atomized by the nozzles and sent airborne right at the site where the dust is created – effectively neutralizing the problem before it begins. The water particles are large enough to weigh down the dust, but small enough to evaporate quickly, preventing unwanted puddles and mud on site.

Small, efficient and compact in size, the DYNASET system keeps dust down and eliminates the need for employees to stand all day with a water hose. It also eliminates the need to rent auxiliary equipment, like boom lifts, which are sometimes used to get employees with a fire hose as close to the dust source as possible, while maintaining a safe distance from falling debris.

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