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Rebar shear turns tangled rebar into profitable scrap

The Re-bar Shear from New Zealand Manufacturer A-Ward Attachments, is designed for demolition contractors, concrete recyclers, and scrap processors for cutting tangled re-bar. It has a speed of 30-36 cuts per minute, and features low-cost hydraulics, with a bucket linkage design that is inexpensive to purchase, install, and maintain. These Re-bar shears utilize thick, high-tensile jaw material, and extra jaw stiffeners ensure zero jaw flex for ultra-tight blade tolerance. Thicker high tensile steel is used for fabrication, and factory hard facing gives greater durability. Opposing shear faces are incorporated to balance the sequential cutting cycle, and units create dense processed scrap from low-value waste material. A 40-ton (88,000-pound) excavator can process six to eight tons per hour of tangled re-bar, reducing it to pieces with an average size of one foot. Other key features of these Re-bar shears include: an extra heavy duty pivot group with an oversize high tensile shaft, and which is case hardened with a 360 degrees lubricating grease system and fitted with semi-self lubricating bushes; two-into three pivot which provides greater jaw rigidity; 12 identical blades, each with four usable edges; maximum utilisation for less consumables; and threaded shear blades that allow for easy shimming and replacement. Additionally, a Power-Positive attachment coupling system on these units creates 25 percent more power and allows for fast changeovers to OEM buckets and other A-Ward attachments such as a Rail/Wire Shear, Grapple Jaw, Steel Shear, Pulverizer Jaw, and Sieve Rakes.A-Ward Attachments.