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Refuse bodies designed for Cat articulated truck chassis


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7424 W. Plank Road
Peoria, IL
US, 61604


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Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. recently introduced 100 cubic yard HIVOL Refuse/C&D Bodies with Autogate Tailgates, designed specifically for Caterpillar 735 articulated haul trucks. These PHIL bodies, which are four times the size of the standard body are ideal for C&D hauling and landfills. The HIVOL body design utilizes the standard Caterpillar chassis body mounting hardware, including the existing hoist cylinders. Each body’s capacity is four times the volume of a standard body, yet weighs only slightly more than 20,000 pounds with the tailgate. This high-volume design features a contoured floor with no interior intrusions, allowing for exceptional capacity and consistent load shedding ability. PHIL C&D Refuse Bodies are customizable to a landfill’s unique operation-specific requirements, with a loading height of 14 feet six inches (for landfill loading height restrictions), and can be equipped with the PHIL (no hydraulics) Autogate Tailgate.