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Transfer system

Transfer system
Marathon’s BlokPak 3000 Transfer system is designed to offer maximum payloads at an affordable price. The system ram compacts waste against a retractable gate in a compaction chamber, forming 10-foot logs. The ram dwells against the formed log. The gate is then raised, the ram penetrates five feet into the trailer and the logs are ejected into a transfer trailer. The gate is lowered and the ram repeats the compaction process. After the trailer is full, the waste can continue to be processed while changing trailers. Units fit into existing transfer stations with an over-the-top feed system.

Ram cylinder size is 10 inches, ram force is 235,600 pounds and pressure is 36 psi. Output rate is up to 90 tph (continuous) and output log size is 86 inches wide by 91 inches high, by variable length. A programmable controller on these units permits both automatic and manual control.

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