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Stena Recycling to open lithium-ion battery value chain facility in Norway

The outside of a battery recycling facility
The facility is expected to be completed after the summer of 2024. Stena Recycling

Stena Recycling AS has launched what the company says is Europe's first complete and scalable value chain for the reuse and recycling of electric car batteries. This project is being established at Stena's new battery management facility in Ausenfjellet, in collaboration with EV HUB AS.

The facility is expected to be completed after the summer of 2024, with a total investment framework of 100 million NOK. Enova is supporting the project with 40 percent, capped at 21.8 million NOK.

The increased need for lithium batteries

Europe's rapidly growing electric car fleet in Europe, with at least 30 million electric cars expected by 2030, has led to increased demand for lithium-ion batteries. Stena Recycling's project addresses the need for efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the reuse and recycling of these batteries.

"This project focuses on both the reuse and recycling of electric car batteries and will help reduce the carbon footprint and promote a circular economy," said Ragnhild Borchgrevink, CEO of Stena Recycling AS. "With Enova's support, we can develop new technology and establish a value chain that minimizes the environmental impact of electric car batteries," she explains.

Capacity and technology

When fully operational, the facility will be able to handle up to 3,000 tons of batteries annually, equivalent to 6,000 to 8,000 electric car batteries. The project includes the development of advanced infrastructure, AI algorithms for assessing battery health, disassembly and diagnostic methods, and a modular battery storage bank for second-life applications.

"Our technology provides a detailed overview of the battery's condition, making it possible to save many electric cars from being scrapped and get them back on the road again," says Nassir Farooq, CEO of EV HUB AS, a company that has developed a solution for diagnosing and repairing battery systems. 

The reuse of electric car batteries reduces CO2 emissions and resource consumption, contributing to the transition to a low-emission society. The project will also generate new knowledge and create new jobs within the green energy sector.

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