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M&J Recycling's new electrical fine shredder utilizes unique cutting system

An electrical fine shredder inside a recycling facility
An M&J Recycling F240e electrical fine-shredder M&J Recycling

M&J Recycling says that the M&J F240e electrical fine shredder combines low energy consumption, high capacity, and smooth operation. The F240e e-drive waste shredder offers:

  • Improved energy efficiency and outstanding output quality
  • Ideal total cost of ownership (TCO) and a competitive OPEX
  • Easy servicing and automatic monitoring of the drive and rotor

The cutting system

M&J Recycling says that the F240e utilizes a unique cutting system. Once the rotor blades and static knives are set, there's no need for frequent adjustments, saving time. This system helps reduce operating costs while also helping to maximize uptime. The M&J F240e slices through infeed material, leaving waste in uniform sizes with a grain size down to 10 millimetres.

Maintenance of the F240e

M&J Recycling says that the placement of wear parts was chosen strategically to help reduce maintenance time. Recyclers can expect fewer service and maintenance requirements, thanks to its design and cutting technology, translating to savings of up to 35 percent in operational energy compared to other machines.

Jens Vestergaard Nielsen, the director of technology at M&J Recycling, says that the F240e is ideal for RDF/SRF applications. Because the machine can reduce the size of materials to 10 millimetres, it's ideal for producing alternative fuels.

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