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STEINERT displays four new sorting systems at IFAT 2024

A sorting system inside a facility

STEINERT will present four new sorting systems and add-ons at IFAT 2024 in Munich. An innovation area at the STEINERT stand 451/550 in Hall B6 will provide information about new products for sorting aluminum alloys, plastic flakes, incineration bottom ash, and iron concentrates.


The STEINERT PLASMAX enables the separation of aluminum scrap into three different sorted products. With a high processing capacity and three material discharges at the same time, the new STEINERT PLASMAX | LIBS is efficient at processing high-grade aluminum scrap, meeting all current industry standards. The multi-spot analysis ensures ideal and reliable detection using several laser measurement points at the same time.

"Precise sorting of aluminum alloys with the STEINERT PLASMAX I LIBS delivers quality levels that produce an excellent basis for the increase in demand for recycled aluminum. Given the need to decarbonize the automotive industry and its supply chains, greater use of high-grade recycled materials is essential. I am delighted that, through the STEINERT PLASMAX I LIBS, we are able to present a technology that we have developed in-house and that is once again setting new standards in the circular aluminum economy."

The UniSort Finealyse+

The UniSort Finealyse+ complements the UniSort Finealyse for sorting fine-grain bulk material. Designed for sorting plastic mixes, copper scrap, and heavy metal and non-ferrous metal concentrates, it has numerous new features.

One of the new features is an increased working width, which is almost double in size. Higher throughput rates and new split functionality for simultaneous multiple sorting processes on one machine are also new features. A core element of the detection unit is the sensor combination of high-resolution near-infrared (NIR) and colour cameras. Based on hyperspectral imaging (HSI), NIR cameras combine spatial and spectral resolution. The additional colour camera records further visual material properties at the same measuring point and ensures stable and precise detection in combination with an automatic white balance.

The UniSort Finealyse+ also includes the strengths of the UniSort Finealyse, such as Active Object Control (AOC), which stabilizes the sortable material on the belt and in flight, ensuring detection and sorting, as well as the option to sort the sortable material at a ratio of 50:50.

An incineration bottom ash add-on for STEINERT eddy current separators

Splitcontrol, the latest add-on for STEINERT eddy current separators, optimizes the sorting quality of incineration bottom ash and additional fine-grain applications. Changes in the material properties, such as residual moisture, can be counteracted with this automatic control technology. Splitcontrol enables consistently high yield rates and high operational stability. Manual interventions for splitter correction can be reduced to a minimum.

Splitcontrol can be retrofitted as an upgrade for existing STEINERT eddy current separators or considered as an additional option when configuring a new non-ferrous metals separator. This allows users to better utilize the potential of existing systems or benefit from the advantages of Splitcontrol from the outset.

Higher quality of ferrous concentrates and removal of impurities

The STEINERT UMP multi-pole is a solution for enriching or cleaning ferrous concentrates. Through the use of alternating magnetic poles, non-magnetic impurities are removed, improving the quality of non-ferrous fractions. Copper losses in ferrous concentrates can be significantly reduced in waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) applications. This technology is easy to integrate into existing systems and offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional cleaning methods.

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