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Liebherr dials in on scrap and material handling equipment at ISRI2024

A wheel loader moves scrap at a scrap yard
A Liebherr L 550 XPower wheel loader Liebherr

Liebherr's earthmoving and material handling technology team will exhibit the LH 40 M Industry material handler, L 550 XPower wheel loader, and an R 922 powerhand crawler excavator at the 2024 ISRI Convention and Exposition.

LH 40 M Industry material handler

The LH 40 M Industry utilizes an ERC System (energy recovery system). With the system, Liebherr says that the maximum handling capacity is guaranteed while lowering the overall fuel consumption. This enables a more powerful machine with faster work cycles. The attachment of the machine is available in a variety of versions and is always matched to the application including scrap, waste, and recycling.

Performance is extremely important in handling scrap materials. Whether sorting out mixed scrap material, loading and unloading HGVs and ships, or loading shredders, shears and press plants, the Liebherr material handling machines are designed for the highest performance in a variety of work applications. High lift capacities and fast work cycles are essential for efficient handling operations. The ideal interplay between the hydraulics and electronics enables fast movements during handling while working with precision on challenging sorting tasks.

Performance data of the LH 40 M

  • System performance: 211 hp
  • Operating weight: 85,000 lbs.
  • Reach: 47 ft.
  • Grapple:
  • 1.4 yd3
  • Magnet: 57
  • Eye level:
  • 18 ft.

L 550 XPower wheel loader

The Liebherr XPower wheel loaders are productive and can handle a wide range of materials including scrap. With strong lift arm variants and application-specific attachments, they are versatile and universally deployable.

In addition to the different types of machines, users can choose between industrial and z-bar kinematics within the L 550 – L 566 XPower wheel loaders and the L 580 XPower. This means the right machine is always available for specific operations such as transporting and loading steel and metal scrap or loading the shredder systems. This increases the utilization of the machine and increases productivity by keeping job sites on time and within budget.

Performance data for the L 550 XPower

  • Engine power: 219 hp / 163 kW
  • Bucket capacity: 4.5 yd3
  • Operating weight: 40,895 lbs.
  • Breakout force: 37,095 lbs.
  • Tipping Load: 27,560lbs.

R 922 Powerhand crawler excavator

The R 922 crawler excavator showcases an updated design with characteristics of the new range of Liebherr generation 8 machines. The machine also utilizes better ergonomics to provide comfort and increased performance.

The Powerband VRS 200 (vehicle recovery system) enables users to get the maximum value out of junk cars before they are scrapped. Traditional manual methods of removing and separating high-value materials from recycled vehicles are labour-intensive and costly. Liebherr can equip the R 922 excavators with a preparation kit that virtually makes the Powerhand system a plug-and-play hook-up.

A R 922 comes preprogrammed from the factory to control the unit and the clamp functions are controlled by the joystick and not foot pedals, making it easier for the operator to control.

Performance data of the R 922

  • Engine power: 163 hp / 120 kW
  • Engine torque: 503 lbf ft at 1,400 rpm
  • Dig depth: 22 ft. 2 in.
  • Operating weight: 50,930 lbs.
  • Breakout force: 35,970 lbs.

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