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Boom change system keeps Komatsu demolition excavator versatile for changing work needs

A demolition excavator with a grapple next to a detached digging boom.
The PC490HRD-11 demolition excavator features Komatsu's in-house boom change system. Komatsu

The PC490HRD-11 demolition excavator from Komatsu is easy to reconfigure, providing contractors with a versatile and efficient machine for demolition job sites.

The 362-hp PC490HRD-11 is fitted with Komatsu's in-house boom change system, which includes oversized quick couplers on the hydraulic lines. These minimize back pressure and oil heating without restricting oil flow. Hydraulically powered pins mounted inside the main boom structure reduce the risk of damage to equipment during reconfiguration.

A hydraulically expandable undercarriage allows tracks to be narrowed, making transportation easier, and then expanded while working. The tilting demolition cab allows the operator to use joysticks and position the cab for the best view. Six different working arrangements are available, with a boom extension for higher reach or an extended digging boom.

The PC490HRD-11 debuted at Demolition San Antonio, the National Demolition Association's annual convention and expo. Komatsu also showed a special demolition specification of the 257-hp PC360LC-11 excavator at the event, which will be launched in North America within the next year.

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