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M&J Recycling unveils series of powerful, energy-efficient electrical pre-shredders

A pre-shredder inside a large facility
A M&J Recycling P250e series pre-shredder M&J Recycling

M&J Recycling has launched the P250e series of electrical pre-shredders. These pre-shredders can handle heavy-duty to lighter applications. M&J Recycling says that the e-drive pre-shredder lineup is efficient and utilizes minimal energy consumption that's tailored to specific recycler needs.

The M&J P250e series is designed to offer solutions for varied applications. This e-drive shredder lineup caters to heavy-duty and lighter scenarios, emphasizing efficiency, capacity, and minimized energy consumption based on specific operational needs. The series consists of four customizable variants, accommodating up to 5 knife counts per shaft with different knife geometries.

Jens Vestergaard Nielsen, head of R&D at M&J Recycling, says that the P250e series helps prove that recyclers can get the same power in their shredders for less money.

A model for each need

M&J Recycling's P250e series comprises four drivetrain configurations that accommodate different waste types and capacities. The series is made up of machines that can handle up to 100 tonnes per hour and with the possibility to achieve a grain size of 90 percent below 100 millimetres.

  • M&J P250e – 220hs: ideal for light- to medium-duty applications
  • M&J P250e – 220hd: ideal for medium-duty applications
  • M&J P250e – 320hd: ideal for medium- to heavy-duty applications and small grain size
  • M&J P250e – 320hs: ideal for heavy-duty applications and small grain size 

Waste pre-shredding technology

The M&J P250e is designed for ideal utilization no matter the task. It also offers significant energy cost savings and equipment longevity along with mitigating operational disruptions. The M&J P250e uses a modular design, enabling easy wear part replacement. Maintenance procedures are simplified, offering enhanced accessibility for welding and targeted part replacement.

Energy savings

M&J Recycling says that the P250e series consumes up to 50 percent less energy compared to hydraulic counterparts with the same or higher capacity. Recyclers get improved energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and minimized noise emissions.

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