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Eggersmann enables drum versatility on new tracked trommel screen

A trommel screen screens out wood waste from soil
An Eggersmann TERRA SELECT T 60 trommel screen. Eggersmann

Eggersmann GmbH has updated its TERRA SELECT T 60 mobile trommel screen. Eggersmann has added tracks to the TERRA SELECT T 60 and enabled the functionality of drums made by other manufacturers. With the launch of the new T 60, Eggersmann says that it is debuting its next generation of trommels.

Screening performance

The TERRA SELECT T 60 utilizes a new track chassis system. The system has a levelling function that keeps the drum balanced even on an incline. It can compensate inclines of up to seven percent. In addition, the chain version offers more mobility on the job site and provides more traction for rough terrains as well as for protection against soil compaction.

The mobile trommel screen is quickly ready for operation and easy to move because of new operator controls. These controls enable easier turning and reversing movements on smooth and rough terrain. The screening machine is suitable for compost or soil applications and is often used on uneven and unpaved ground.

Utilize drums from other manufacturers

Eggersmann has enabled the use of drums in the 5.5- by 2-metre class made by other manufacturers in the TERRA SELECT T 60. Traditionally, the screening area of the TERRA SELECT drums is 10 percent above the average of comparable machines on the market due to a larger drum. In addition to the large drums, the user can now optionally use the smaller competitor drums, enabling the use of an already existing drum stock.

Increases to hopper sizes

The capacity of the hopper has been increased by 25 percent to 7.5 cubic metres. While the volume of the hopper has been increased by 16 percent, the feeding height has been reduced at the same time (the height varies according to the level of the tracks).

"We listen to our customers and want to make their work as easy and comfortable as possible," says Raphael Ruppert, product manager of separation technology at Eggersmann. "For this reason, all control elements of the TERRA SELECT T 60 are still located on one side so that the machine can be conveniently operated from one side. This makes changing the screening drum, for example, even more convenient and saves a lot of time."

Another technology in the new trommel screen is the QuickChange stone grid. This feature helps to protect the machine from damages caused by larger rocks and separates them from the actual fractions. Stone grids for screening machines have been around for a long time. But the integration of the Eggersmann QuickChange system helps enable fast removal and installation.

Bernd Kühling, brand manager of separation technology at Eggersmann, says that the T 60 uses the familiar features of the TERRA SELECT series like long conveyor belts and the AIRFIX wind sifter.

"Our goal was to create an even more practical and user-friendly new design for a more effective work process while at the same time retaining all the proven benefits of the series," he continues.

The launch is currently limited to the North American market and will be available globally in the coming year.

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