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(VIDEO) The Formula E car made entirely from e-waste

Envision Racing's Recover-e Formula E Gen3 car Envision Racing

What can you do with old record players, VCRs, laptops, cell phones, and motherboards? The simple answer is to recycle them. But Envision Racing, in partnership with actor and artist Aidan Gallagher and designer Liam Hopkins, decided to do something different by building the Recover-e, a Formula E Gen3 car, entirely out of e-waste.

"We are all using more and more electronics, yet only very little is recycled," said Sylvain Filippi, team principal at Envision Racing, "So it's pretty incredible to see a full-size Gen3 electric formula car made entirely of recycled electronics."

"The purpose of [the project] is to open up the discussion of e-waste in an exciting way. What can be more exciting than building a racecar?" said Gallagher on the project.

Check out the video above to see Envision Racing's Recover-e in action.

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