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REDWAVE's new XRF machine designed specifically for fine metals

A fine metal machine sits inside a facility

REDWAVE has introduced a machine designed specifically for fine materials from four to 25 millimetres in size that offers increased ROI.

The REDWAVE XRF fine machine utilizes a strategic sensor arrangement and decreased spacing between the valve and sensor components. This ensures a higher purity and increased metal recovery, including precious metals. The new enhancements allow for a final furnace-ready product while giving users the flexibility for continuous product development and quick reaction to market trends.

Features of the REDWAVE XRF fine sorting machine

  • Sortable material sizes from four to 25 millimetres
  • Compact and versatile footprint
  • Belt system prevents rolling while maintaining constant material speed 
  • Fine material throughputs of up to 2 tonnes per hour

"This innovation represents a significant breakthrough for the recycling industry. The technology promises to unlock new opportunities for metal recyclers across the globe to more effectively conserve and recover valuable resources, ultimately benefiting both their business and the environment," says REDWAVE CEO Silvia Schweiger-Fuchs.

Company info

2775 Pacific Drive
Norcross, GA
US, 30071


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