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Lindemann's updated website features interactive 360-degree equipment animations

Lindemann's website is displayed on a monitor
Lindemann's new website Lindemann

Lindemann Metal Recycling Solutions has launched its new website in time for the company's 110th anniversary. The new website is a responsive and interactive site.

Lindemann's website buttons fall under the categories of "shred, cut, press, and win" detailing the shredders, shears, and balers Lindemann offers along with company information.

The website uses 360-degree animations that include all the models of Lindemann equipment. On the sire, visitors can take a deep dive into each and every machine. These animations load quickly and do not generate large amounts of data because they have been optimized for the website.

Visitors can use a drag-and-drop function to organize content. The new website is connected to a tool recruitee applicant management system as well as to the Salesforce CRM tool. Because the website is connected to Salesforce, contact requests are directly routed to the correct interfaces within Lindemann.

The website will be available in five different languages and continuously updated.

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