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Crown Shred partners with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions to build new MRF in Regina, Saskatchewan

A large MRF is being constructed
A Crown Shred MRF is being built in Regina, Saskatchewan. Van Dyk Recycling Solutions

Installation is underway in Regina, Saskatchewan, where Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. is building a brand new 30-ton-per-hour single-stream system. With the popularity of single-stream collection rising in Western Canada, Anatoli Davidian, chief executive officer of Crown Shred, saw an opportunity to step into this market with a highly automated system run by advanced technology. The new facility anticipates a substantial increase in the volume of material processed by Crown Shred, which plans to truck in material from up to 500 miles away.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decrease in recycling rates and an increase in single-use plastics and packaging waste, presenting new challenges for the recycling industry," says Davidian. "Crown Shred's new facility is equipped with advanced sorting and separation systems that can effectively process a wide range of materials to help address these challenges and mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the recycling industry."

Davidian says the facility's primary goal is to provide sustainable waste management that encourages higher recycling rates in the area and contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment.

The new single-stream recycling facility was designed with advanced technology and equipment to increase the efficiency of the recycling process. The facility can process a variety of materials including plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, and metals. Crown Shred chose Van Dyk Recycling Solutions of Norwalk, Connecticut, to supply the equipment and build the MRF.

"Van Dyk has a deep understanding of the latest technology, processes, and equipment needed to deliver a high-quality recycling solution," says Davidian. "Their approach to sustainability was a perfect match for Crown Shred's own commitment to environmental responsibility."

The sorting process is highly automated, reducing contamination risk and ensuring materials are properly sorted. The facility is designed to minimize the environmental impact of the recycling process, optimize resource utilization, and reduce energy consumption.

Davidian toured several recycling facilities to see the latest designs in efficiency, sustainability, and employee safety. The new facility has a larger capacity to handle more materials, increase recycling rates and reduce waste in landfills.

Building construction is well underway and equipment will begin arriving later this month.

"Van Dyk's customer-centric approach was another important factor in the decision to partner with them," says Davidian. "Their willingness to collaborate closely with Crown Shred and their ability to deliver the facility in a timely manner gives us confidence that the new facility will meet our unique needs and specifications."

Crown Shred anticipates the demand for sustainable waste management solutions will continue to grow in Western Canada as more people become environmentally conscious.

"Our scalable system design is well-positioned to meet a growing demand and adapt to changing market conditions. We can easily increase our processing capacity as collection volumes grow," says Davidian. "Our system is also designed to be cost-effective, which is crucial in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. We can offer competitive pricing while providing high-quality waste management services that meet the needs of our customers."

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