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Sennebogen to showcase 30-ton zero-emission material handler at bauma 2022

Two people pose for a photo near a material handler
Sennebogen Managing Director Erich Sennebogen (left) and Cronimet Ferroleg Managing Director Marijo Zeljko (right) in front of a Sennebogen 825 Electro Battery material handler.

Sustainability in the circular economy not only means returning valuable resources to the cycle and using them again and again, but also using durable and economical machines for the recycling itself. Against the background of the joint goal of both Sennebogen and Cronimet to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the recycling process, Sennebogen has developed the battery-powered 30 t electric material handler 825 Electro Battery, which allows completely emission-free operation.

Sennebogen and the metal recycler Cronimet, headquartered in Karlsruhe, have had a strong partnership since 2014. When it came to putting the vision of a climate-neutral recycling process into practice, the two companies quickly decided to work together. As a Sennebogen project and with the participation of Cronimet as a partner in the field of scrap recycling, a mobile 30 t electric material handler with battery technology was developed, which has an ideal amount of CO2 savings. Both in battery operation and with a cabled power supply, the battery-powered material handler works without restrictions in terms of space and time – essential for use in the recycling industry, which is mostly organized in shift operation.

The 825 Electro Battery material handler with battery technology

Sennebogen has developed a battery-powered electric material handler that works completely climate-neutrally and is tailored to the requirements of metal recycling. The Cronimet key account not only contributed significant practical expertise during product development, which was implemented, for example, in the form of intelligent add-ons relating to battery technology, but also actively contributed during the machine's prototype stage.

Like the battery-supported variant of the 817 Electro Battery, which has already been launched on the market, the 825 Electro Battery uses intelligent dual power management, which allows autonomous working in battery operation as well as when connected to the mains. Depending on the power requirement, the 378 kW lithium-ion battery pack installed in the rear enables working times of up to eight hours without recharging. If the machine is connected to the power supply via the charging point on the undercarriage, stationary work can be carried out. A great highlight is that when charging, excess power being fed in simultaneously recharges the batteries. The machine can also be connected to conventional power sockets due to the onboard charger and the 63A CEE plug system used. Additional investments in charging stations are no longer necessary. It also offers ideal comfort for operators, as it is quieter, has lower vibrations, and is completely emission-free. The lower service costs and also the reduced operating costs associated with the electric machine are another plus point of the battery-powered material handler.

The Sennebogen 825 Electro Battery is an important step for Cronimet  towards climate neutrality

Cronimet currently uses the machine for feeding its scrap press, preparing material for the press, and for sorting incoming goods. The battery-powered material handler runs on 100 percent certified green electricity and saves up to 125 tons of CO2 emissions per year in two-shift operation compared with the previous solution – and with the same freedom of movement.

The bauma 2022 showcase

The Sennebogen 825 Electro Battery will be presented to the public at bauma 2022.

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