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EverestLabs opens Robot Operation Center to monitor efficiency of robotic systems

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The Robot Operation Center is monitored 24/7 by a team of engineers and technologists who track productivity and maintenance needs

EverestLabs, the developer of RecycleOS, has opened of its Robot Operation Center (ROC), a centralized monitoring service for robotic cells installed in materials recovery facilities (MRFs). Monitored by the engineering staff at EverestLabs' headquarters in Fremont, California, and a team in Chennai, Indiana, the ROC helps optimize the performance of EverestLabs' robotics cells in MRFs worldwide and removes the need for reactive maintenance.

The ROC is monitored 24/7 by a team of engineers and technologists who track productivity and maintenance needs, such as pick efficiency and accuracy, changes in the material stream on conveyor lines due to upstream issues, the need to replace suction cups, and more. The linchpin of the ROC is EverestLabs' RecycleOS at each MRF. RecycleOS is a full-stack enterprise AI software and robotics solution for recycling plants, CPG companies, and packaging manufacturers.

Operators at MRFs work hard as they try to maintain pace with the materials they receive and process, while also managing equipment and addressing staffing issues. The 24/7 monitoring service helps deliver maximum recovery with minimal effort from plant operators. As a result, plant operators can focus on running their plant and only tending to robotic cells on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, MRF operators are experiencing a 25 to 40 percent increase in recovery with EverestLabs as there is no unmonitored downtime that can take hours or even days to correct with other providers.

"We not only hear from the operations centre about necessary robotics cell maintenance proactively but also about any big swings on materials distribution on the conveyor. As a result, we can address upstream equipment issues (ex: optical sorters etc.) at a faster pace," says Jeff Dobert, director of operations at Bay Counties SMaRT. "Thanks to this team, our plant operators/shift supervisors and mechanics can focus on other responsibilities around the facility without worrying about robot maintenance. All while simultaneously increasing the recovery of recyclables and exceeding our content goals."

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