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ACE Green Recycling to build four new lithium-ion battery recycling facilities across the globe

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Lithium-ion batteries are currently used in many portable electronic devices and electric vehicles.

ACE Green Recycling (ACE) plans to build and operate four new lithium-ion battery recycling facilities with a planned total annual capacity of over 30,000 tons. The four locations will tap into underserved recycling markets and provide regional markets with an emissions-free, carbon-neutral recycling option to support the global adoption of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are currently used in many portable electronic devices and electric vehicles, as well as potentially serving as grid energy storage solutions.

ACE is currently planning for facilities in Thailand, India, and the U.S., with planned capacities of 10,000 tons between India and Thailand and 20,000 tons in the U.S. Operations in India are expected to commence by the third quarter of 2022 with an initial processing capacity of 1800 tons per year, while Thailand and U.S. would come online in 2023 with full operational capacity planned to be achieved across all facilities by 2025.

ACE recently launched its flagship combined lead-acid and lithium-ion battery recycling park in Texas. Plus, ACE also plans to set up facilities in Asia. The company will be deploying its proprietary hydrometallurgical recycling process that combines an emissions-free, low-temperature process with recovery rates in excess of 98 percent. ACE can also successfully reclaim valuable metals like copper and aluminum, while also being able to handle a wide variety of the world's most utilized lithium-ion battery chemistries. In line with its environmental ethos, the process also produces zero toxic solid waste or effluent.

In addition to copper and aluminum, materials recovered also include a variety of sulphates and carbonates of cobalt, manganese, and nickel.

While the global market for lithium-ion battery recycling currently remains relatively low, key OEMs, EV manufacturers, and strategic investors remain bullish on the need for a sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling solution.

The exponential growth in the adoption of lithium-ion batteries – from the already ubiquitous portable electronic devices to the widespread and growing popularity of electric vehicles – is heralding an unprecedented uptick in demand. Further, government mandates for "producer responsibility" require battery manufacturers to rapidly identify sustainable recycling solutions which can minimize the overall environmental footprint of battery manufacturing. With the continued fragility of global supply chains causing extreme price shocks, players across the value chain(s) are looking to diversify their sources of battery materials away from regions of heightened political instability.

ACE will deploy its capital and collaborate with several strategic and financial investors to set up the envisioned facilities.

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