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Sennebogen hybrid material handler helps Trailer S.p.A modernize operation

A material handler grabs metal on the job site
A Sennebogen 865 E Series material handler

Trailer S.p.A. has found the steel handling at its railroad terminal more efficient, safer, and much easier ever since the arrival of the new hybrid Sennebogen 865 E Series material handler. The material handler, complete with an electromagnetic lifting beam capable of handling steel items of 15,500 lb. (7000 kg), has Trailer S.p.A. reaching new heights. 

Trailer S.p.A.'s success began in 1953, in northern Italy. The company started out with freight transports and a single, retired U.S. military truck. It has evolved into a modern logistics service provider with a large fleet of vehicles, specializing in the intermodal transport of steel products.

In 2021, Trailer S.p.A. started operations in a railroad terminal with five tracks. They inherited existing machines including aging crawler cranes and heavy-duty forklifts that needed to be replaced. Their old equipment impacted productivity goals and brought with it safety issues and concerns. Together with Sennebogen's dealer, the company found the perfect solution for the safe and effective handling of semi-finished steel products. 

After weighing its options, Trailer S.p.A. chose a Sennebogen 865 E Series hybrid material handler. It was built specifically for multiple applications like heavy-duty port applications as well as for steel handling. The reach on their Sennebogen 865 E is 60 ft. (18 m) and uses an electromagnetic lifting beam. With its lifting abilities, the 865 E moves steel including steel beams and wire rods, weighing around 15,500 lb (7000 kg) with ease. Prior to the arrival of the 865 E, these steel products needed to be secured in a complicated procedure of chains and belts when being lifted by a crane. However, now equipped with a magnet, it eliminates the need to secure the load during the handling process. Not only does this save a massive amount of manpower and time, but it also makes the daily work routine substantially safer for the operators and those on the ground.

Another highlight of the 865 E is the integrated scale. This allows the operator to check the weight of the load. From inside the cab, the operator receives instructions from the control centre on how the freight should be arranged when loading onto trucks or wagons. And thanks to the integration of the scale into Trailer S.p.A.'s in-house computer systems, the operator receives direct feedback on the correct loading of the transport vehicle. As an added benefit, the required transport documents are already prepared in the background and generated in real-time to keep things moving along.

Hybrid material handler cuts fuel consumption by up to 50 percent

The Sennebogen 865 E Series uses green hybrid energy recapture technology. This technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent. Hybrid means that in addition to a fuel-saving 355 HP (261 kW) Tier IV diesel engine, a second component is installed that supports the engine's performance. A separate hydraulic circuit is used, consisting of a third hydraulic cylinder between the two lift cylinders with piston accumulators at the rear area of the machine. When the boom is lowered, the accumulators store the energy from the downstroke until the next working stroke. Just like a spring that relaxes, when the boom is raised it does not require any further energy. The cycle uses the temporarily stored energy to complete the lift.

"For us, this machine is a symbol of the company's modernization," says Gabriel Hutu, operations manager at Trailer S.p.A. "It changes the way we think and work, increases operational safety, and reduces the environmental impact of our processes. Thanks to its large lifting capacity, even at maximum reach, we can transfer loads of almost 8 tons on average from a truck to a rail car or vice versa - enormously fast and fuel-efficient, too."

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