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Posillico expands Farmingdale waste recycling facility with CDE wash solution

A Posillico waste recycling facility
A Posillico waste recycling facility

In an effort to accelerate the pace of change in the waste recycling sector, Long Island, New York-based Posillico Inc. has invested in a new 20tph hydrovac waste washing plant for its state-of-the-art waste recycling facility in Farmingdale, New York.

The new CDE HYDRO:TIP solution will be used to recover high value, in-spec recycled sand and aggregates from waste muds, fluids and clays, by-products generated from the hydro excavation process.

Hydro excavation has become a preferred method for the installation of services and pipework in civil engineering. However, it carries with it a costly waste burden. Its substantial weight and volume makes it logistically challenging and financially prohibitive to dispose of or reuse responsibly.


In 2019, committed to protecting the island, its community, and its resources, Posillico recognized the need to address mounting concerns over ground pollution and landfill capacity when it partnered with wet processing industry experts CDE to revolutionize the way environmental contractors, construction companies, utility businesses and engineering firms manage waste on Long Island and in the Greater New York area.

Historically, contaminated soil had been transported off the island where it was destined for landfill. The Posillico team understood that with the right technology this material could be processed to remove contaminants and extract value, generating new revenue streams while simultaneously producing in-spec secondary sand and aggregate products for the construction industry in New York.

Enabled by CDE technology, its three-acre Farmingdale facility now has the capacity to recycle up to 3,000 tons of soil per day while recovering high value recyclable and saleable products that meet NYSDEC remediation standards, including concrete and mason sands, and three different aggregates: ¼" - 5/8", 5/8" - 1 ¼", and 1 ¼" - 4".

Workable solution

CDE business development manager Joseph Teahl says Posillico's drive to transform the waste recycling sector in the local market is matched by its commitment to investing in the right technology, as demonstrated by its investment in the HYDRO:TIP.

He says, "It was identified that there was a need to recycle hydro excavation waste on Long Island. The team at Posillico recognized the problem at hand and, knowing CDE technology intimately, turned to us to explore workable solutions for handling this tricky to process waste." 

Commenting on working alongside CDE to address hydrovac waste on the island, Posillico facility manager Robert Tassey says its technology has proved its durability and performance.

"We saw a need in the market to address the waste burden generated by hydro excavated material. Our existing CDE contaminated soils wash plant has demonstrated not only the capabilities of the technology, but the commitment of the CDE team to finding new and pioneering ways to close the loop. We knew CDE was the right partner for the job."

A CDE HYDRO:TIP waste washing plant


CDE's HYDRO:TIP solution is designed to allow operators to process wet waste with ease and efficiency. It can handle waste mud, fluid and clay material in a cost-effective and responsible manner, facilitating the recovery of high quality sand and aggregates that can be re-sold to generate additional revenue streams.

Suitable for urban environments, the HYDRO:TIP enables hydro excavation fleets to set up closer to extraction sources to reduce transport time, cost and fuel emissions. It achieves significant landfill diversion with most of the solids recovered from hydro excavation activities being reusable in the construction industry.

According to CDE, it also features an installed power base of 63kW, which is significantly less energy-intensive than a 20-ton excavator operating at 90kw. In addition, the HYDRO:TIP™ dewaters material twice faster than conventional systems resulting in a reduction of total energy consumption by two-thirds.

Utilizing high frequency screens to ensure maximum dewatering efficiency and separation of waste material, CDE's HYDRO:TIP also allows tankers to discharge directly into the hopper. This rapid ‘direct tip' process accelerates return on investment by processing waste material at the fastest rate possible, minimizing downtime and ensuring tankers are fully utilized by getting them back on the road and on their way to the next location.

Most of the functions of CDE's HYDRO:TIP are automated therefore minimal operator input is required, saving on time and cost, and its modular arrangement is scalable depending on fleet size or requirement for surge capacity, equipping operators with a solution that can grow in line with their business.

Seamless integration

As demonstrated by the Farmingdale facility, the HYDRO:TIP can integrate seamlessly into downstream CDE systems such as the AggMax, EvoWash and AquaCycle to recover sand and aggregates and recycle process water.

"Our goals for the materials business are to provide the highest quality materials at the best prices for our valued customers," says Tassey.

"The hydro excavated waste that we are bringing in is comprised of the same type of fill that we bring in normally. So we knew there was valuable material critical to the construction industry locked within this waste stream.

"The only difference is that it's more of a slurry form and more difficult to handle," he adds.

Posillico's 20tph HYDRO:TIP system ensures the safe processing of wet waste, providing optimal material recovery and creating valuable resources, explains Teahl.

"Tankers deposit their load directly into the hopper after which the material is rinsed and dewatered with CDE's Infinity Screen technology before the oversize material is deposited."

With a 20tph capacity, Posillico's HYDRO:TIP can accept up to four 11,000 liter tankers per hour with hydro excavation waste.

"Our sand fraction falls to the sump from where it is pumped to the cyclone in order to remove the silt-water slurry. All of that output - the oversize material and sand fraction - is then loaded into the complete C&D waste wash plant process which enables further wet processing to guarantee final in-spec sand and aggregate products."       

Transforming waste into valuable construction materials

CDE's HYDRO:TIP is removing the costly burden associated with slurry disposal for Posillico, allowing for easy cleansing so that high value construction material is easily recovered for re-use or re-sale.

"With the addition of the HYDRO:TIP we're now able to dewater those slurries, separate the liquid from the solids, process the water directly into our wash plant, and then handle the solid material in the same way we would with our other incoming fill," says Tassey.

"It's the cleanest, safest, most effective and efficient way to manage hydro excavated waste on Long Island," he adds.

Up to 85% of hydrovac material coming into Posillico's Farmingdale facility is being reclaimed through its HYDRO:TIP solution, recovering products including +#4 aggregates and 0 - #4 sands.

In addition, the recovered water also cleaned and recycled for use in the washing process or as jetting water for the tanker.

Teahl says the introduction of the HYDRO:TIP and Posillico's commitment to create value from waste sets the company out as a leader in its field on the island

"Its integration with our existing C&D waste wash plant will ensure fast return on investment as it enables the recovery of both higher quality and higher volume recycled sand and aggregates for the construction industry in New York."

Commenting on the relationship between CDE and Posillico, Teahl says it's gratifying to see the partnership flourish.

"Posillico's commitment to CDE as well as our commitment to them is evident in what we have managed to achieve together at Farmingdale and the impact the facility is having on the island."

Tassey says the two companies share an excellent working relationship.

"I'd recommend working with CDE because they're reliable and they have a genuine, authentic determination to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. They engineer real solutions to urgent real-world problems."

Established in 1946, Long Island, New York-based Posillico Inc., a fourth-generation family business, has steadily grown to become one of the premier engineering contracting firms in the tri-state area and a leader in public works projects in New York and New Jersey. Founded by Joseph D. Posillico Sr., the business started out as a small trucking contractor. Today, Posillico provides a range of integrated services from heavy civil work for the public and private sectors to environmental remediation, paving, drilling, and utilities contracting.

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