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Rubicon launches on-demand recycling services for hard-to-recycle materials

A aerosol can recycling bin from Rubicon.
A RUBICONMarketplace hard-to-recycle used aerosol can bin.

Rubicon has launched a brand new service, RUBICONMarketplace powered by g2 revolution, which enables independent businesses and residential customers to divert hard-to-recycle items such as aerosol cans, plastic bags, light bulbs, personal protective equipment (PPE), and batteries away from landfills and into recycling streams.

This new marketplace is a natural complement to Rubicon's core product and service offerings, given the company's overarching mission to end waste and move cities and businesses of all kinds away from the reliance on environmentally destructive landfills. While it is relatively easy for certain items such as newspapers, metal cans, and glass bottles to be picked up by curbside recyclers, many other items are more complicated to properly divert from landfills.

Every pound of material that is recycled is a pound that does not go to incineration, deep well injection, or to a landfill. In turn, this process of diversion protects the environment, saves money, and helps businesses meet environmental compliance requirements.

Customers can order boxes via the marketplace for the materials they wish to recycle or divert from landfill. Once full, the boxes are returned for processing using a prepaid shipping label that comes with their order.

RUBICONMarketplace also includes an extension of the company's business-focused RUBICONRecognized program, which helps businesses facilitate better recycling practices through education and the sharing of information. Existing RUBICONRecognized customers can order educational signage and collateral kits that can be displayed in their place of business, or any space where waste and recycling receptacles are stationed.

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