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TOMRA showcases latest sensor-based sorting updates at WasteExpo

TOMRA Autosort sensor-based sorting for recyclables

At WasteExpo 2021, June 28-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the TOMRA Recycling exhibit highlighted the latest sorting innovations from the company's new generation AUTOSORT sensor-based sorting system. As a sponsoring partner of the Sustainability Talks event co-located with WasteExpo, TOMRA also delivered a presentation on June 30, focusing on recycling's role in offering ideas and solutions to advance the circular economy. 

According to TOMRA, the ultracompact and highly versatile AUTOSORT excels across a vast range of material sorting applications, including municipal solid waste (MSW). AUTOSORT features multiple technologies, including SHARP EYE and FLYING BEAM, to deliver high-performance sorting accuracy across all target fractions, including the most complex to sort. 

Team members, including TOMRA's new Regional Director Americas, Ty Rhoad, were on hand to share details on the highly customizable AUTOSORT SPEEDAIR. This additional component in the TOMRA AUTOSORT range incorporates speed-controlled, fan-driven air inlets that generate a constant air stream over the conveyor belt to prevent light materials like paper and plastic film from moving, even at belt speeds reaching 19.7 ft/sec (6 m/sec). 

Also highlighted this year were the most recent advancements on AUTOSORT LASER. Offering significant breakthroughs in efficiency, safety and recovery yields when processing household and commercial waste, TOMRA says AUTOSORT LASER excels at separating thin, thick or opaque glass from transparent polymers. 

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