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GreenMantra partners with Crayola to transform discarded plastic markers into high-value polymers

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GreenMantra Technologies has entered an agreement expanding the scope of its relationship with Crayola. The agreement supports Crayola's ambitions to increase circularity of their products while also providing GreenMantra new discarded plastic feedstock for recycling into specialty polymers.

Mixed plastic marker streams present challenges for traditional mechanical recycling, but they are an ideal fit for GreenMantra's innovative advanced recycling technology.

GreenMantra will now recycle both pre- and post-consumer plastic markers from across all of North America, expanding its feedstock stream for producing its specialty polymer additives. The company will transform Crayola's discarded plastic markers into high-value polymers that can then be used in the production of industrial products to enhance critical infrastructure applications (things like asphalt roads, roofing products, and plastic drainage pipes), while also enabling increased use of recycled content in those applications.

"GreenMantra Technologies strives to be an enabler for other companies to achieve their sustainability goals. GreenMantra is proud to partner with Crayola and drive increased circularity throughout the value chain in order to create a better planet in the future," says Domenic Di Mondo, CCO of GreenMantra.

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