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Glad partners with Recyclops to bring recycling to 100,000 new households

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Glad and Recyclops are joining forces to expand access to recycling for consumers throughout the country. Through the new partnership, Glad and Recyclops will innovate on more sustainable materials and reach more than 100,0000 households that are currently without recycling options.

38 percent of U.S. households do not have access to recycling pickups through their municipalities - the partnership between Glad and Recylops will provide an effective and convenient option in cities that traditionally haven't had these services offered. Recyclops uses a smart-routing app and a gig-economy model to facilitate recycling pick up and drop off in rural and dense urban communities. In 2020 alone, Recyclops diverted more than 3 million pounds of recyclables from landfills.

"The Recyclops partnership is a new approach within Glad's sustainability efforts showcasing our investment in the innovation and infrastructure needed to help simplify recycling," said Eric Schwartz, General Manager of Glad. "This partnership will expand recycling access to more than 1,000 cities within three years, part of Glad's commitment of doing more to waste less." 

As part of its new sustainability ambition, Glad is committed to building a future with less waste. This includes creating new solutions and systems to divert material from landfills and the reduction of materials. By 2030, Glad has declared specific sustainability targets to reduce its environmental footprint, including: 

  • 50% reduction in virgin plastic across its trash business 
  • 60% reduction in virgin packaging across both trash and food protection  
  • 100% renewable electricity across North America operations
  • Investment in strategic partnerships that amplify sustainability efforts, including Recyclops

Clorox, the parent company of Glad, integrated an ambitious set of ESG goals into its corporate IGNITE strategy in 2019.

"Glad's goals build on The Clorox Company's ambition to be a leader in environmental sustainability," said Ed Huber, Chief Sustainability Officer at Clorox. "Ensuring that our brands are paving the way for the consumer goods category is an essential part of our company's passion towards making a better tomorrow for the planet. A partnership with Recyclops that makes recycling more accessible at scale is a great example of this."

"If we are to create a more sustainable future -- one that is truly circular -- it will require stakeholders across public and private sectors working in concert to build closed-loop models," said Ryan Smith, founder and CEO of Recyclops. "Through this partnership, Clorox is taking a big step in that direction and empowering its customers to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet."

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