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Lion Electric and Geotab collaborate to optimize zero-emission heavy-duty fleet operations

Lion Electric and Geotab collaborate to optimize zero-emission heavy-duty fleet operations

Lion Electric has collaborated with Geotab to power the LionBeat advanced electric vehicle (EV) telematics system.

LionBeat has been developed specifically for electric vehicles, offering a robust and flexible telematics suite intended to optimize all aspects of electric fleet operations including productivity, safety and cost by leveraging real-time vehicle data - ultimately helping to reduce total cost of ownership for fleet operators while maximizing their return on investment.

The LionBeat telematics system is built on top of Geotab's open platform fleet management solution, which is designed to fit the demands of fleet operators of any size, including mixed and zero-emission fleets. 

Offered through LionBeat, Geotab's technology provides intuitive, full-featured solutions that help businesses and operators better manage drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate real-time and historical data, giving operators greater insight into fleet safety, productivity, fleet optimization, regulatory compliance and sustainability. 

The LionBeat system will be installed on every Lion zero-emission truck and bus, making the vehicles instantly telematics-compatible. This will enable both Lion and the end user to leverage data to help drive business and fleet management decisions.

"In developing LionBeat, we have created a unique purpose-built telematics solution specific to electric vehicles, and we saw Geotab as the ideal partner for this technology. Not only is their expertise in the space second to none, but they also understand that EVs are the future and that collaboration with a segment leader such as Lion is key to leveraging critical data from electrified platforms - ultimately leading to cost savings for operators and increased efficiency," said Marc Bedard, CEO and Founder of Lion Electric.

LionBeat is capable of analyzing every aspect of data in electric vehicles in order to deliver actionable insights on key information, including:

● Electric vehicle performance management
● Charge prioritization
● Routing and dispatch
● Fleet management
● Driver management and training
● Maintenance and diagnostics
● Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)

LionBeat is easily expandable and can connect with an operator's current fleet management software, incorporate live driver feedback and identification systems, additional vehicle sensors and more. Vehicle and fleet data can be accessed in real-time via the LionBeat online user portal, or historically through customizable reports. LionBeat is available now for EV fleet operators of all sizes and industries.

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